Weird News


July 02, 2016

Coffee lovers will be able to order oral sex with their drink at a new bar.

Oral sex and coffee will go on sale at a Swiss cafE when it opens in Geneva, Switzerland, later this year.

In a PS42 (60 Swiss francs plus five franc surplus for the drink) deal, customers will be able to order a coffee and then use an i-Pad to choose a prostitute to give them their oral treat.

The firm behind the cafE plans to call it Facegirl and will copy similar popular cafEs in Thailand, where men can order a drink and then make themselves 'comfortable' in the bar. Bradley Chavet, from Facegirl told Swiss newspaper Le Matin: "In five or ten minutes, it's all over."

Critics have slammed the proposals, claiming only the business owners would benefit from it. Prostitution is legal in Switzerland but sex workers must hold permits.

A bear has been mistaken for a human.

The animal, called Pedals - who has his front right paw missing -- walked on his hind legs, which led onlookers to believe he was a man dressed in a costume because of his uncanny tricks that are tracked on his own Facebook page.

A video of Pedals roaming the Oak Ridge area of New Jersey has brought in a lot of attention.

According to the Mirror online, in response to the clip, one commentator wrote: "Really amazing footage. Very vulnerable. It's isn't only the walking upright which makes him seem human."

It has been reported by the man who cares for the creature that he "cannot and will not trap him", and a petition made by 300,000 people urge for Pedals to be helped.

However, a request for Pedals to be relocated to a sanctuary has been rejected by "NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife because they feel he is fine."

Effie the rabbit has pipped other pets to the post to be crowned Face of Amazon Pets.

The two-year-old female Mini lop rabbit from Worcester beat off competition from other pet finalists Bob the dog, Scrappy the cat, Harry the pony, Sammy the parrot, Arin the fish and Rango the reptile - to become Amazon's next pet model, following a nationwide hunt to find official models for the Pets Store. Effie's owner, Annie Swift from Worcester, said: "Now that Effie is the Face of Amazon Pets, I'm worried she won't get out of her hutch in the morning for less than five carrots.

"Managing her ego around our other three rabbits is going to be tricky."

Effie will be treated to a new large outdoor run plus toys and treats which will be bought with her PS1,000 Amazon gift-card prize.