Weird News


July 04, 2016

Smirnoff vodka has unveiled its Pride flag-inspired bottles.

The drinks firm has teamed up with Dawn O'Porter's fashion brand, BOB, to celebrate inclusivity and 2016 Pride in London by releasing 500 limited-edition bottles in colours of the Pride flag. Each bottle features the Love Wins print from BOB's Equality Collection and portrays a variety of relationships today, celebrating inclusivity and equality for all. Dawn O'Porter said: "I'm so thrilled that BOB and Smirnoff are working together on this Love Wins campaign. As brands, we share the same ethos that true equality will make the world a better place, and that starts with love." As part of its support for 2016 Pride in London, Smirnoff is also sponsoring the official Pride in London after-party, 'Smirnoff Pride at Night,' where fans can sample delicious Smirnoff cocktails. Fans wanting to get their hands on the bespoke bottles, RRP PS19.95, can visit For every bottle sold, Smirnoff will donate a percentage to the LGBTI charity, R U Coming Out, which aims to inspire and support people to be themselves.

Scientists have developed a plastic bottle that drains every morsel of shampoo.

Gone will be the days of furiously shaking the last of your favourite foam to no avail, after lab geniuses found a way to make the sludgy liquid slide out of its container with little more than a squeeze. The new way of draining the remains of shampoo or detergent bottles uses a new nanoparticle technology that will be coated on the likes of soap and shampoo bottles. It means there'll be no more taking a pair of scissors to the bottle to make a new exit or squeezing the last of the bottle.

A man connected to his neighbour's Bluetooth speaker to creep them out.

An Imager user called 2amandwideawake was having problems with his neighbours complaining about the slighted noise that it left him unable to do household chores, like wash his clothes. He said: "My downstairs neighbours were d***s. To the point where even tiptoeing around my apartment past 10 p.m. would elicit banging on the ceiling. It eventually escalated to the cops being called because my washing machine was being run at 9 p.m." So, what did he do? Move out? No... He said: "So I figure out my neighbours have unsecured Bluetooth speakers. So for the last week, I've synced my phone to the speaker at 3 a.m. on the dot and start blasting the creepiest soundtrack I can find for exactly six seconds. In completely unrelated news, I'm pretty sure my apartment complex is about to have a vacancy."

Holidaymakers are invited to play Holiday Hotspots to win their dream holiday.

Compare the Market has launched a free, interactive game that puts holidaymakers in the driving seat and on the road to win their dream break. Visitors to its website, have to spot all 18 popular holiday destinations hidden in it's interactive image. Once complete, players must share their results on Twitter using @comparethemkt and #holidayhotspotsgame, to be in with the chance of winning a getaway for two to a destination of their choice from the places located on the interactive game.