Weird News


July 06, 2016

Fishermen have found a breed of fish that can remove testicles with their teeth.

The 20cm-long fish, a piranha-like amphibian named Pacu, was pulled out of a lake in the central park of a Russian town called Tula. But on closer inspection, the fish have teeth like humans - so sharp that the fisherman who made the finding strongly believe it could rip off a man's testicles with a single bite - so they've nicknamed it Nut Cracker. City spokeswoman Varvara Trunova said: "The fish has been confiscated from the fisherman and sent for examination. According to the preliminary findings the Pacu fish is 20cm long and weighs 240 grams." Experts think the exotic fish may have been abandoned in the lake by their owners when it grew too large. Now concerns are growing over the likelihood that the fish have been dumped together and began breeding.

A smart bed could spell the end of bed making.

The OHEA Smart Bed - which costs between $1,500 and $4,000 - uses the latest in futuristic mattress technology that beats coils and foam hands down. It actually makes itself with the touch of a button - putting an end to any post-sex squabbles of who will be left tidying up the sheets. The Spanish furniture maker demonstrates the chore in an online promotional video - and in less than 50 second flat, the bed's mechanical arm - equipped with two rollers, guides a blanket up to the head of the bed. Chords lift the pillows up simultaneously so that the blanket can be fully stretched, and just when you thought the bed was made, the blanket is tucked in and the pillows returned to the bed's surface. The bed is advertised as "soon on sale". The firm also has a bed that checks for spooks - the Sleep Number Sleep IQ Kids lets them check for supernatural creatures.

Crisp-lovers could win US$60,000 if they find a really weird-shaped Cheeto.

Frito-Lay, the firm who makes the savoury snack, is searching for the next Mona Lisa of Cheetos shapes to be included in its official online Cheetos Museum - celebrating all of the art to be found in the bag of crisps.

Up to 50 entries per day can be submitted to the museum and a panel of judges will pick one finalist every Monday from now until August 15.

The best 10 shapes will be used in the official Cheetos art collection and be awarded a total of $150,000 in prize money.

Each week the crowned favourite will win $10,000 - with the overall winner scooping $60,000.

Judges will score the snacks against the following criteria: visual interest, buzzworthiness and creativity. For the full rules visit

Around 47 per cent of Brits believe aliens have human features, followed by 46 per cent who think they are telepathic and 23 per cent say they have "massive eyes".

They have even gone as far to say what personal possessions they would rush to save, should an alien invasion ever take over the earth, and the results showed Brits are more likely to save their mobile phone than their photo albums. And the Scottish Highlands was deemed the safest spot, while Glasgow was the least considered.