July 08, 2016
Alison Sweeney plays Sami on 'Days of Our Lives'.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Ridge announced to his family that Douglas is not his son. Deacon was shocked by Quinn's rejection. Feeling betrayed by her father's lies, Steffy confronted Ridge about other times that he possibly misrepresented himself. Eric found himself in a predicament over who should be Forrester's CEO.

Liam didn't see eye to eye with his family regarding Bill and Katie's marriage situation. Deacon refused to give up on Quinn and his desire to reunite with her. While Rick planned his return as the chief executive, Thomas and Steffy also had their eye on that prize. Liam found himself in an awkward position when Bill gave him his next assignment that involved Wyatt and Steffy. A mysterious guest arrived at Forrester Creations wanting to conduct business with the new CEO.

Watch For: Star-crossed lovers share a tender moment together. A young couple takes their relationship to the next level. A family torn apart is brought together by an unlikely mediator.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Chad spiralled out of control. Later, Chad and Jennifer disagreed over Thomas' well-being. Hope and Aiden slowly found their way back to each other. Jennifer sought advice from Doug and Julie. Dario accepted his father's job offer.

Kate and Deimos set the record 'straight' with the authorities. Philip considered signing Chloe to his record label. Summer continued her shady dealings. Chad and Jennifer's custody battle continued. Ciara confronted Chase, which resulted in his epic meltdown.

Watch For: Shawn deals with the aftermath of the explosion. Aiden attacks Andre. Blanca is haunted by her past.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Anna was affected by Julian's words. Ava came to some accurate conclusions about Nikolas. A stranger on Cassadine Island was up to no good. Laura delivered some positive news to Lulu. Tracy and Hayden offered to come to Finn's rescue.

Liz asked Franco to stop interfering with her family business. Epiphany was concerned that the hospital won't survive the latest scandal. Maxie kept a close eye on her enemy. Liz and Franco delved into his criminal history and her tendency to always choose the wrong man. Carly became aware of Nina's efforts to find Josslyn's kidney donor. TJ made peace with Jordan. Kevin exposed another piece of Helena's legacy. Sam and Jason believed that justice would finally be served. Nathan made his intentions clear. Maxie was on to Claudette.

Watch For: Lucas comes down hard on Julian. Nina asks Curtis to drop his investigation of Claudette. Sabrina and Michael grow closer.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Victoria was willing to pay the oil workers more money in order to keep them from talking to the press. Kevin received a call from Chelsea asking for his help in finding out the identity of Victor's accomplice. Phyllis couldn't keep her mind off Billy while being intimate with Jack. Later, Billy told Phyllis that he was ready to take their relationship public.

Devon told his father that he was ready to fight to get Hilary back. Abby was upset that Stitch was shutting her out. Luca was secretly pleased that the rig workers went to the press to voice their complaints. Hilary collapsed.

Watch For: Victor fights for his freedom. Chelsea comes up with a dangerous plan to help Adam. Phyllis loses her cool.