Weird News


July 08, 2016

A mummified man has been found attached to a tree in Siberia.

The dead body is believed to have been found sitting on a branch of the tree near Tomsk. According to Russian investigators, the unnamed person had climbed up the tree after feeling the cold and had died of hypothermia eight months prior to being found. Local Pavel Petrov discovered the mummy with his son last Friday. He told The Siberian Times: "It was me and my father who found the body. He was sitting on a pine tree some 50 metres away from the road."

A father banned his children from going on a swing in a playground after it began moving on its own.

Scotty Denton was so convinced the contraption was possessed by a ghost that he called his kids back and sat in the car watching the apparatus swinging back and forth. The father captured the spooky situation on camera, which saw one swing moving vigorously while the two next to it sat stationary, and later posted it online, according to the Daily Star newspaper.

Crafty seagulls have worked out pub closing times and where to find the best fish and chips.

The intelligent birds, regarded as a nuisance by some, have learnt the opening patter of pubs and the times which they are more likely to find leftover food scattered on the street. The study, carried out by experts at the University of the West of England, also revealed that the birds are fussy when it comes to their fish - they prefer fish in batter and also enjoy takeaway chicken and pork ribs.

Project leader Dr Chris Pawson said: "A lot of the birds will sit up in safety on the roofs of shopping centres, where they can observe what is going on. They wait for people to drop food, but we are getting increasing anecdotal evidence that they are coming down and taking it out of people's hands."

The 18-month project found hoards of seagulls descending on a spot after 10 p.m. and when their nests were examined, they contained more than 40 bones from roadkill or junk food along with plastic forks, spoons, cable ties, rubber bands and human hair. The survey results will help Bath and North East Somerset Council tackle the city's seagull issue.

A man yielded a knife and threatened a female driver with his penis.

The Land Rover Discovery driver pulled his vehicle across two lanes on a road in the city of Krasnodar in southwest Russia, to block the learner driver so that he could attempt to get into her car with a knife. When he failed to gain entry to the vehicle, he flashed his penis at her in the bizarre road-rage incident. It is thought that the tattooed muscleman was frustrated with how slow she was driving. The man kicked the car before driving away.

The incident was caught on camera and the driving instructor reported the incident to the police. They quickly arrested the culprit and jailed him for 10 days for disorderly conduct but he could be sentenced to two years in prison if he is convicted of threatening to kill.