Weird News


August 09, 2016

Drunken German partygoers mistook police officers for strippers.

The officers were called to the southwestern town of Bendorf, Germany, after a 50th birthday party became too loud and wild.

According to NBC, the police department said: "When the two male officers arrived they were cheered by the crowd".

According to the law-enforcement officers, they attempted on several occasions to explain their identity but were completely unsuccessful.

They said: "[There were] approximately 10 tipsy women."

The rowdy women posed for pictures with the officers and asked for hugs with the men in uniform. However, the two professionals needed something for their police report, which is routine procedure, but asked for the birthday girl's phone number.

Speaking about the response he received, one of the officers said: "This boosted the amusement of the ladies sky high".

An orangutan has learnt to speak to humans.

The eight-year-old animal, called Rocky, has picked up language from people and has begun to churn out grammatically correct sentences with the new vocabulary he has acquired after a study took places at Indianapolis Zoo in America, according to Scientific Records.

Researchers were shocked by the primate's behaviour after he mimicked the tone and alternation, and discovered he can control the way he speaks, like people. And it is believed Rocky could be the clue to understanding how language has evolved.

A researcher from the University of Durham, Dr Adriano Lameria, said: "Instead of learning new sounds, it has been presumed that sounds made by great apes are driven by arousal over which they have no control, but our research proves that orangutans have the potential capacity to control the action of their voices. This indicates that the voice control shown by humans could derive from an evolutionary ancestor with similar voice control capacities as those found in orangutans, and in all great apes more generally."

A ghost has smeared poop all over a woman's door.

A man dressed up in a ghoulish costume has been arrested in China after smearing excrement across the front entrance to a female's home for seven months, according to the Chinese news station CCTV. The victim, Ms Yang, installed security cameras outside her door and successfully caught the culprit dressed in a white sheet, a white mask and a matted wig of long black hair, who would stop outside her apartment to smother her pure white door with human faeces. The man claims Ms Yang is a "home-wrecking mistress" and accused her of "interfering" with another family. The pesky stranger - who claimed his antics were an attempt to avenge the "home-wrecking mistress" for interfering - is currently being questioned by police.

A "considerate" daughter warned her father about her diarrhoea in writing.

Gracie penned a heartfelt note to her dad that the foul stench in her bedroom is due to her uncontrollable bowel issue. The parent shared the note on Reddit. It read: "Dear dad, my room might smell like poop in the morning. I now that because I have diarrhoea (if you do not understand - soft poop). Do not worry. I have a towel just in case. Love, Gracie." Her proud father titled the post: 'My daughter is so considerate.' And the picture has since gone viral, and triggered fellow parents to share their similar experiences.