Weird News


August 11, 2016

The world's largest sex toy has been

created for a raunchy convention. Pipedream Products has erected a 12-foot, 4-inch-tall replica of a male sex organ - also referred to as a 'dildo' - for the Adult Novelty Manufacturers Expo in Burbank, California.

Nick Orlandino, the chairman and CEO of Pipedream Products, told the Huffington Post newspaper that, Two years ago, we made a wall of d...s featuring our product. It was the hit of the show, so I was trying to figure out how to outdo myself. My employees looked at me like I was crazy, but a few hours later, they came back and said, 'We can do this.'"

It took around three weeks to design and create the gigantic member and the company is now trying to contact the 'Guinness World Records', but they have not returned Mr Orlandion's calls as yet.

An owl refused to move when asked by the Thames Valley police. The stubborn bird took a seat on a road in Bracknell recently and was adamant it would not budge, even after police officers went to the scene in an attempt to scare away the bird, which resulted in the officers getting physical with the owl.

Thames Valley police shared a photo on their Facebook page, which said: "Team two Officers had a hoot last night removing this offender from obstructing a highway. After some initial resistance and failure to comply, PC Justin Barton took him under his wing and showed him to the side of the road to carry on his journey. (sic)."

Some responses expressed concern for the owl's well-being, saying that veterinary treatment may be necessary. However, a police spokesperson reassured the public. He said: "He was responsive and uninjured. We took advice from RSPCA to move him to a safe place."

A woman was inappropriately probed by aliens. Lisa Tenney has claimed a number of extraterrestrial beings have continuously abducted her and touched her genitals without permission since she was six years old. Speaking to Earth Mystery News, the 40-year-old life coach said: "There was no emotional connection. It felt like rape. It was not a good feeling."

Tenney has also claimed the aliens would whisk her off on adventures and would regularly glide through walls with the spirits. She explained: "My first experience I can remember is these beings coming through a wall in my room. And somehow I ended up being able to go through the wall with them."


A woman exposed her bottom to employers after being rejected from a job.

A disappointed female was turned down for a job in a restaurant, and was captured on video pulling down her trousers and slapping her bottom five times in outrage when she was turned away. The woman defended her working abilities and claimed she had been hired at prestigious universities in the past and deserved the job. She screamed: "I got hired at Yale," while hurling other expletives.