Weird News


August 12, 2016

British people have spent PS14 million on coconut oil in one year to look like Gwyneth Paltrow.

A study from the health food retailer Holland and Barrett has proven that the sale of coconut products is on the rise with people spending PS60 million every year on coconut water, while one quarter of the price is spent on the multipurpose oil. Researchers have found that coconut oil doesn't only shrink your waistline when used in cooking, but it can also be used on the skin to reduce wrinkles and as a mouth wash for whiter teeth. And it is believed that the actress and It's All Good author is an advocate of the natural product.

A piglet has been born with eight trotters and two tails.

Farmers in Mexico have given the farm animal the nickname 'spider pig' after it was discovered it had double the number of legs it should have when it was born in El Gapon, Mexico, according

Farmers in the area admitted that they were surprised to learn that the animal was born deformed and believe the animal is two pigs that fused together while in the mother's womb.

NASA has accidentally sold a bag used to carry moon samples.

The space agency let its Apollo 11 artefact sell for under $1,000, but has now realised that it made a mistake and is reportedly embroiled in a legal battle to get the carrier bag, which was worn by Neil Armstrong and used to collect samples of the satallite in 1969, back to its rightful owners. Speaking about the error, which has been reported on Sky News, NASA said: "[It is a] rare artefact, if not a national treasure".

Nancy Carlson purchased the accessory, which still has remnants of the lunar system lodged inside the seams for approximately PS700, but sent the bag back for authentication, which made staff aware of their mistake. NASA has decided to keep hold of the item and is currently in the process of reclaiming legal possession of the bag, although Nancy wants the bag back.

An Australian company has come up with a gadget to stop avocados from turning brown too quickly.

Naturo Techonologies have created The Natavo Zero, dubbed an 'avocado time machine', that turns off the enzyme in the fruit that turns them brown when exposed to oxygen. The impressive machine can work on mashed avocado or pre-sliced and can process around 4,000 of the tiny green goodness within an hour without the use of additives. However, although the machine seems like a dream come true to avocado lovers, according to Marie Claire magazine, the device is only used on an industrial scale at present.