Weird News


August 13, 2016

A dog retrieved a giant sex toy and brought it back to its owner.

Professional dog walkers Amy Brown and Natalie Ferguson took five pooches out for a stroll out in the country in Newton-le-Willows, Merseyside, when one of the animals, chocolate Labrador Galaxy, found a foot-long device. The toy sent both the confused canine and walker Natalie into a spin. She told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "We couldn't believe it. He was so proud when he brought it over to us. We were looking at it thinking: 'That's impossible'. It was enormous." Galaxy's owner, Ste Harrison, was so impressed he took the huge sex aid along to his football club's fundraising golf day, where it now sits in their trophy cabinet.

A dolphin has stolen a woman's iPad.

The unnamed female was visiting Seaworld, Orlando, Florida, where the mammal lives and when the sea was swelling, the huge dolphin broke the water and snatched her expensive device. A video posted online shows the dolphin submerge the Apple pad in the water before the woman could retrieve it. When she walked away to dry off the machine the dolphins splashed their tails in protest, soaking spectators and appeared to smile back at the crowd.

A Seaworld employee can be heard over the tannoy saying: "As you can see, the dolphins can reach your loose items."

A man stands accused of ruining his neighbours' life by playing loud recordings of monkey and chicken noises.

Ian Wheatcroft is reportedly on trial at Southampton Magistrates' Court in England for harassment without violence and common assault for his noisy behaviour. Speaking in court, Wheatcroft's neighbour Clive Jones said: "We've been subjected to horrendous noises late at night. Chicken noises and monkey noises were common from 11 in the evening until 4 a.m. "The chicken and monkey noises were definitely recordings which were amplified." The trial continues.

Doctors believe wearing festival bands could be dangerous.

Australian radio station Triple J has met with microbiologist Dr Nick Coleman to find out exactly how gross those colourful little bands are. The study revealed that there were roughly 600 million bacteria living on a six-year-old festival wristband, and some of those might not be so friendly. Dr Nick said: "We can't say for sure these are dangerous bacteria, but the numbers are so high that I would advise people against doing this and wearing them for years and years and years."