Weird News


August 19, 2016

A man has been accused of damaging a BMW with a sausage.

The 47-year-old German was said to be out with his eight-year-old son in Neubrandenburg when a row over inconsiderate parking broke out at around 7 p.m. on August 13. A fellow motorist had carelessly parked his sports car in front of the pair, which prompted the dad to launch a scathing attack at the other driver, allegedly hurling verbal abuse at him. Die Welt reports that the drivers exchanged insults and scrapped in the street before the dad reached for a 30cm long sausage - reportedly a giant pork bratwurst - as a weapon. He allegedly threw it at the BMW, causing a one-centimetre dent in the back right-hand door. Police believe the metal clip at the top of the banger caused the damage.

Olympic swimming champion Adam Peaty has been invited to visit Butlin's in Skegness.

The 21-year-old athlete will be able to give his girlfriend, Anna Zair, her dream holiday, which is either the Maldives or Skegness. And now the budget holiday brand have offered Adam and Anna a trip to their Skegness resort. Adam will be happy as the complex includes a PS25-million leisure pool called the Splash Waterworld. And if he misses his Team GB swimming pals, he need not worry as they've been invited, too. Butlin's Managing Director Dermot King said: "When we heard Adam was keen on Skegness, we were delighted! Billy Butlin pioneered outdoor pools in the UK and helped generations of families fall in love with swimming, so we're thrilled to invite the GB aquatics team to resort in our 80th year (Butlin's was founded in 1936, another Olympic year).

A Supreme Court has been tasked with ruling whether noisy mating frogs are disturbing a neighbourhood in France.

The Cour de Cassation - the French version of a Supreme Court - will decide whether to accept an appeal from homeowners Annie and Michel Pecheras, who want a petition to keep the pond of mating reptiles muted. Mr Pecheras said: "We will fight to the death. It's true that the frogs make some noise, but there's no need to get carried away about it. There are only about 30 frogs. We are in the countryside. It's unfortunate if people can't stand the noise of animals." Over 93,000 people have signed a petition in favour of keeping the pond and the Pecheras family have already paid out more than €10,000 in legal fees in a battle against them. Investigators recorded the noise of rampant reptiles at 63 decibels, which is the same as a hoover.

Ubisoft have developed a mask smelling of farts for gamers to use alongside the new South Park video game.

The developers behind South Park: The Fractured But Whole are set to unveil the new device, called Nosulus Rift, to coincide with its press tour for the game, which features farting as one of its main functions. The firm announced its creation to its fans on Twitter, tweeting: "The #SouthParkGame team have brought a truly unique experience to #UbiGamescom! #NosulusRift (sic)." The device is fully functional but is only available during conventions like GamesCom, and those who have tested it out have described it as "disgusting" to use.