Weird News


August 20, 2016

A film-maker claims an extraterrestrial stole 1,500 sheep.

Don Luter has uploaded a video on to YouTube which allegedly shows aliens watching over the four-legged mammals before they vanished. Witness, Eric Goring, told the Daily Express newspaper: "I saw these white or orange or yellow balls of light which turned out to be the black triangle. They were out on the fields going round and round lit up bright and then when they got closer I could see the black triangle."

One Direction have topped a poll of Britons' ultimate favourite 'Carpool Karaoke' songs.

Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne are still the nation's favourite band to sing along to as their 2011 number one hit What Makes You Beautiful topped the survey carried out by Barclaycard. The survey comes in light of this week's news that America's 'The Late, Late Show' presenter James Corden was kidnapped in London and forced to do 'Carpool Karaoke' with a group of his adorning fans. Speaking to The Wrap, James said: "I was crossing the street in London a few weeks ago and there were these four kids. They were like 18, 19. They sort of forced me to get in the car. They all had their camera phones out and we were just singing along to the radio.

"I was like, 'Am I being kidnapped?'" Barclaycard, which recently celebrated 50 years of helping the nation buy the music and musical experiences they love, undertook the research as part of its Great British Music Showdown campaign. The top five songs drivers admitted they like to sing along to in the car are:

1. What Makes You Beautiful, One Direction

2. I Don't Want to Miss a Thing, Aerosmith

3. I will survive, Gloria Gaynor

4. Eye of the Tiger, Survivor

5. One Love, Bob Marley

A man has created a maze inspired by Super Mario.

In the cornfields are large-sized pictures of the characters from the video game, including Mario himself, Luigi, the Princess, Yoshi and Toad. The genius idea was designed by Tim Stoughton of New York's wife, Deb. He told ABC News: "She just liked the idea of the Mario brothers because everybody pretty much knows what they are and it'd be fun for the kids to see." The maze covers eight acres and was made by a company based in Utah.

Nando's are giving all students receiving their A-level results a free meal.

However, there is a catch ... you have to show your actual results, which could prove embarrassing for those who didn't perform as well as they'd like. However, they will still be able to chow down on a cheeky Nando's. Students will be able to get themselves a free 1/4 chicken or an Appeteaser from the menu with a minimum spend of PS7.