Weird News


August 30, 2016

A man had a nose longer than the average erect penis.

Thomas Wedders may have walked the Earth back in the 1700s, but he still holds the world record for the biggest beak. A life-size waxwork of his head is currently on display at the Believe it or Not attraction at Piccadilly Circus, London.

People used to poke fun at Mr Wedders' huge hooter, which was seven and a half inches long - more than two inches longer than the average hard manhood, but he used the ridicule to his advantage and took part in freak shows at the circus, according to the Daily Express newspaper.

A bra company has forced its male workers to wear weights around their neck to emulate having E-cup boobs.

According to the Daily Mirror newspaper, the CEO, Ignace Van Doorselaere, took the unprecedented move in a bid to make the best lingerie. He said: "As a man, how can you know what it is like to have a bigger cup size? "You make lingerie for women with a larger cup size but you have no clue. "But there is only one way for a man to realise what an E-cup feels like - and that is having an E-cup."

An Ibiza clubber who bid PS30,000 on a bus while drunk is refusing to pay up.

David Little from Durham made the rash purchase while he was on a night out on the notoriously hedonistic island, according to the Daily Mirror newspaper. David posted on his Facebook account: "Ibiza ruins lives!!!!" However, he is now backing out of the deal. David wrote: "Not once have I said money was exchanged, everyone just made that up or assumed it. It is currently under dispute so I'm awaiting to find out what will happen (sic)."

A red-faced tourist has had the words "Gary Lineker sh*gs crisps" tattooed on his chest.

Joe Meracap, 18, was enjoying a lads holiday in Kavos in Greece with his friends and had one too many before heading to a tattoo parlour to get inked. Joe posted an image of the final piece on Twitter, and wrote: "Joe just got Gary Lineker sh*gs crisps tattooed on his nipple, I'm lost for words (sic)." And the former Leicester City footballing legend - who is the face of Walkers crisps - has since responded, joking that he's tried to have sex with a packet of the savoury treat. He quipped: "I am not sure it's even possible. Goodness knows, I've tried (sic)"