Weird News


September 03, 2016

A German village is enjoying its peace after an unruly guest took off: Ronny the stork, who spent the summer pecking at windows and cars as he attacked his own reflection.

Ronny's pecking in Glambeck, north of Berlin, brought him minor celebrity status after he landed in early May. The locals weren't amused. They ended up closing their doors and windows, and leaving cars in the garage to protect them from further scratches. News agency dpa reported that Mayor Hilde Peltzer-Blase said Thursday Ronny took one last look around last week and then left, joining the birds' annual southward migration. She said camera teams crowding the village for a glimpse of the stork caused even more commotion than the bird itself - "we're happy finally to have peace again."

Three black bears treated a suburban California neighbourhood like a resort, taking a dip in a backyard pool and helping themselves to a dumpster buffet.

The trio - two cubs and their mother - wandered out of the San Gabriel mountains and into the foothill city of Pasadena last Thursday afternoon. They ventured through several backyards and jumped into at least two pools before being chased out of the area by a brave dog. State Fish and Wildlife spokesman Andrew Hughan tells the Los Angeles Times the mother bear appeared to be about 300 pounds. He said the cubs looked healthy and were likely less than a year old.

A 50-year-old Westerly man is charged with shooting corncobs at his neighbour's home.

The Westerly Sun reports that Jeffrey Osella was arrested last Tuesday night. Police say he answered his door shirtless and had corn kernels stuck to his chest. Police say Osella used a potato gun to shoot corncobs at his neighbour's house, which is up for sale. The gun is made of PVC pipe and uses a light accelerant such as hair spray that can be ignited. Police say Osella and his neighbour have long-running disputes. Osella is charged with disorderly conduct and firing in a compact area. He's free on bail and is to be arraigned Friday. A phone number for Osella could not be found. Osella's attorney says he can't comment until he reviews the case.

An impatient patient who stole an ambulance at a Pennsylvania hospital because he wanted to go home is instead going to prison.

The (Wilkes-Barre) Times Leader reports 56-year-old David Karosus was sentenced Wednesday to 15 to 30 months in prison by a Luzerne County judge. The Carbondale man told police he got tired of caretakers treating his leg, so he hopped into the ambulance Nov 1. The ambulance was left running outside the emergency room at Geisinger Wyoming Valley hospital after its crew transported a patient. Police used a GPS device in the ambulance to track it down and pull over Karosus on Interstate 84. He pleaded guilty in May to theft and driving with a suspended licence.