Weird News


September 05, 2016

A woman accidentally farted in a courtroom. People sitting in the Grimsby Magistrates' Court in Grimsby, Lincolnshire, were left squirming on Thursday when a lady dropped wind while prosecutors were busy grilling.

Although nothing was said publicly about the shock sound, there were nervous twitches among those in the gallery. The woman, who returned to the courtroom in the afternoon, prompted emergency evasive action to be taken by others. One man, who sat unknowingly next to the culprit on the front row of the gallery, moved seats when he heard what had happened earlier that day, to distance himself in the event of another bottom outburst, according to the Grimsby Telegraph.

A WWE tag team has created its own cereal.

Wrestling fans in London will be able to get their hands on The New Day's Booty-O at the Cereal Killer CafE in Brick Lane and Camden next Wednesday. Gary Keery, co-owner of London's Cereal Killer Cafe, said: "As huge WWE fans, we haven't been this excited about the release of a new cereal in a long time. We cannot wait to share this excitement with our customers on the day that WWE returns to the UK!" In late 2015, The New Day - comprised of Big E Langston, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods - started making unicorn gestures, using their fingers as horns to entice their opponents and get the crowds geed up. They went on to wear plastic unicorn horns during their ring entrance and named one of their assault tactics after this theme, but it was the word 'booty' which really caught on - they would use it to mock other wrestlers and the host city where WWE events would take place. And earlier this year, they introduced their Booty-O cereal with the catchphrase, "They make sure you ain't booty".

An aubergine emoji-shaped sex toy has gone on sale.

For the first time ever, people can now use an emoji, which is commonly used as a euphemism for penis, for pleasure. Dubbed the 'emojibator', a firm based in Philadelphia has created the device for people to buy for $32. On its website it says: "Since the eggplant emoji has penetrated your texting conversations, it has been a definitive sex symbol. With Emojibator, we aim to make masturbation fun, easy, and accessible. Whether you're looking for self-pleasure, a playful and perfect gift, or embracing the inner vegan, the Emojibator will certainly please."

An electronic device is being used to measure how a bout of bad weather affects sheep during lambing season.

Two models of the woolly animals have been fitted with sensors and placed in a field in Wales to monitor how the sheep are coping with downpours and storms. PHD student Pip Jones told "We're looking at how weather is experienced on a 'sheep scale' and although its early day, I've been really surprised by some measurements." The research is being carried out in a bid to help the creatures during lambing season, as sheep use a lot of energy when they need to fight to stay warm against the wind. It could see more shelters being built to reduce the mastitis in ewes, and planting trees could improve drainage.