Weird News


September 06, 2016

Surfing team tryouts in California were interrupted by a four-legged friend who apparently wanted to get in on the fun.

Surfers at Southern California's Dana Point were shocked when a deer rushed into the ocean Thursday morning. One surfer had to kick his board out and bail out of a wave when the animal suddenly appeared in front of him. "They were just getting midway through their surf heat and out of nowhere this deer comes trotting down the shoreline," Mike Foudy, whose son Cole was the surfer with the near-deer experience, told The Associated Press. Foudy posted video of the dogpaddling deer, which he said appeared spooked, on his Facebook page. Tryout judge Sheri Crummer told the Orange County Register that no one knew where the deer came from. It hopped over rocks and then went off to sea. Surf team coach Tim Samson paddled out about a quarter of a mile and herded the deer back to shore, where it took off towards a hotel. Lifeguard captain Brad Herzog says deer occasionally come for a swim, but it's rare.

It was Grand Theft Auto come to life: When an 11-year-old bought a video game Wednesday in Lake Charles, Louisiana, he opened the plastic case to find a bag of drugs.

KPLC-TV reports that the boy's father returned to the store and called police. Detective Rebecca Reed with the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office confirmed the substance was methamphetamine. Joey Mooring is director of public relations for GameStop. Mooring told the TV station that the Grapevine, Texas-based company checks used games for quality when customers trade them in. He also says games are checked again before being shipped to another store. The Lake Charles store manager says employees there typically don't examine games received from elsewhere in the company. Reed says GameStop told police it couldn't track the game's origin.

A dog swam more than six miles and walked a dozen more to find its family after falling overboard into Lake Michigan during the weekend.

Edward Casas was boating on the lake Sunday with his wife, Kristin, and the family dog, a 10-month old Belgian Malinois (MAL'-ehn-wah) named Rylee. Casas tells ABC News Rylee went overboard while he was in the engine room trying to figure out a mechanical problem with the boat and his wife was steering. Casas says he sent out a mayday call on the radio and was connected to a volunteer group that searches for lost dogs. The next morning, someone spotted Rylee going into a nearby campground. Edward Casas says there was a lot of sobbing and hugging when the family was reunited with him.

Police in Louisiana say a Mississippi man claimed to be a "sovereign citizen" who's immune from arrest during a traffic stop.

Slidell officers on Friday charged 54-year-old James Doyle Webb of Bay St Louis with several violations, including not having a driver's licence, a licence plate or insurance. He was also charged with resisting an officer. It was not immediately clear on Saturday whether Webb is represented by an attorney. A news release from the Slidell Police Department says Webb requested the names and badge numbers of officers who stopped him, then would not produce documents officers requested after he wrote down their information. The release says he was arrested after officers thought he was reaching for a gun. Instead of a licence, he had a homemade "Constitutional Protection Travel Identification."