Weird News


September 07, 2016

Weird News

A man was caught red-handed using a frying pan as a steering wheel. Police in Australia were called to the 32-year-old man's vehicle after members of the public reported a "suspicious red Mazda sedan". The cops released a statement that stated the unnamed man had also messed with his number plate and that the metal pan had personalised writing on it, which according to Daily Mail Australia, read "Uncontrollable and driven to love only a beating heart." The man has since been charged with driving an unregistered and uninsured car, driving contrary to defect, removing defect label, altering number plates and breaching bail and is to appear in court in October.

Durex has launched an eggplant flavoured condom. The popular sex protection brand shared a picture of the new edition on Twitter and called it "an exciting new savoury" flavour. Alongside a picture of the box of 12 condoms along with the aubergine emoji, they wrote: "#BreakingNews: We're launching an exciting new savoury #condom range - Eggplant flavour" #CondomEmoji (sic)" The eggplant flavour joins the list of many bizarre flavours including boerwors, bacon, cannabis and garlic. Anyone with an eggplant fetish?

A chocolate scientist has had her taste buds insured for PS1 million. Hayleigh Curtis, who is part of the Cadbury Innovation team, has been covered for the mega sum with specialist insurers Lloyd's of London. As a part of the contract, Hayleigh must avoid sword swallowing, eating fish and chilli peppers with a Scoville heat rating of greater than 350,000, which could compromise her ability to taste and render the insurance void. Curtis, who has the title of Chocolate Scientist at Cadbury, commented: "This is a really exciting day for me. I've grown up with Cadbury and it has always played a really important role in my life, so it's great to be part of a team that sit at the global headquarters for chocolate invention at Mondelez International. There is a lot of science that sits behind our chocolate innovation - from mouth feel to melting temperatures of chocolate - so with my tastes buds safeguarded I look forward to creating lots more deliciously tasting chocolate for years to come. "

A mum dialled 999 to ask if police could mind her child while she's away on holiday. The person answering the call got the surprise of her life when a young mum made the "crazy" request. According to Metro, call handler Rhiannon Overton said: "We get some crazy requests but this was one of the weirdest. The son didn't want to go on holiday and they asked if we could babysit him until they got back. They had made a 999 call. When I said no, they said, 'What are we supposed to do then?'"