Weird News


September 10, 2016

Weird News

A primary school has apologised for having fake cocaine and razor blades at a party.

Northcote School in Auckland was forced to explain why they racked up lines of icing sugar on mirrors at the adults-only Las Vegas-themed bash reportedly attended by the country's health minister, Jonathan Coleman. Andrew Fox, the school's board chairman, said: "Yes, fake cocaine, in the form of icing sugar, was one of the many props and decorations displayed as part of the satirical Las Vegas theme: Vegas, Baby. In hindsight, this was an inappropriate choice of prop, and we apologise for the offence it may have caused some people and for the reaction that has followed." The school posted a letter to parents on their website apologising for the short-sighted gaffe and added that it did not condone the use of illegal drugs.

A mother married her son and dumped him before getting hitched to her daughter.

Patricia Spann from Oklahoma, United States, faces a long prison sentence on charges of incest after it emerged she tied the knot with her son Jody, but got the union annulled in 2014 and went on to walk down the aisle with her 25-year-old daughter Misty. Her crime was discovered in August when the Department of Human Services conducted a child welfare investigation and found Patricia was living in matrimony with Misty. Misty was also arrested and faces charges of incest, as under state law, the marriage of close relations is prohibited. Misty was raised by Patricia's parents but the mother and daughter were reunited in 2014.

A tree arrested in 1898 is still locked in chains.

The unfortunate trunk and branches of the banyan are tethered to the ground by not only its roots, after a drunk police officer mistook it for an unruly member of the public in Peshawar, Pakistan, over a hundred years ago. James Squid, a British army officer, ordered the tree to be arrested when he was so smashed he thought the tree had tried to leg it. A sign that hangs on the banyan to this day reads: "I AM UNDER ARREST. One evening a British officer, heavily drunk, thought that I was moving from my original location and ordered Mess Sergeant to arrest me. Since then I am under arrest. "

Shakespeare tackled a trio of masked raiders on Wednesday.

The three men struck a jewellery shop in the Bard's birthplace of Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, around 11 a.m. and were set upon by the famous poet himself. Street performer John Jarvis, 62, dressed in Shakespeare's familiar hat and attire, spooked the gang of men and managed to force one of them to the floor before he got away. He swung his garlanded walking stick at another's legs as they dashed down the alley and the two men, aged 19 and 28, have been arrested on suspicion of robbery.