Weird News


September 14, 2016

A woman has been arrested for stealing a police officer's chips.

The incident took place last week Wednesday night at Italian Pizza Kitchen in Washington, DC - down the road from the White House.

According to WUSA9, the chip thief sat next to the officer in the eatery and pinched three potato fries from him while distracting him by starting a conversation. The annoyed policeman told the woman to stop what she was doing, but she proceeded to take another one and was later cuffed. A police report lists the stolen items as "French fried potato" and under the amount it says "three".

Achihuahua got high on a cookie filled with weed.

The pup called Peanut sniffed out the sweet treat, which was laying around in a bag, and the dog's owner says it was after the cookie rather than the drug. According to the Metro newspaper, Reddit user Choices63 wrote: "We had an overnight guest. Our Chihuahua found his stash, ate an entire weed-laced cookie. He actually dug it out of a duffel bag. Had to work hard to get it. It was the cookie he was after, not the weed."

Thankfully, vets were able to recover Peanut using charcoal and 10 hours later he was back to his old self. They added: "He was pretty normal by the time we got him home."

Words including moobs and gender-fluid have been added to the Oxford English Dictionary.

Moobs - meaning man boobs - was first recorded in 2001. Gender-fluid dates back to 1987 and means someone who doesn't identify as male or female. Other words among over 1,000 added include YOLO, which is an acronym for You Only Live Once. Michael Proffitt, the chief editor of Oxford English Dictionary, said that the latest additions "confirm the OED as one of the largest and longest-running language research projects in the world".

Greggs has launched a range of healthy pasties.

The bakery chain have introduced a low-calorie treat for those conscious of their weight. The recipe contains sourdough and two-thirds less fat than their normal pasties. They come in chicken Katsu and Bombay potato flavour. A description of the new savoury treats, read: "Chicken breast pieces in Japanese style Katsu curry sauce, encased in a sourdough flavoured case and finished with a crunchy spiced crumb topping."