September 16, 2016
Alison Sweeney plays Sami on 'Days of Our Lives'.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Bill surprised Brooke with a wedding planner. Having heard rumours about Quinn and Eric's relationship, Wyatt went to confront his mother about how he was being affected. Later, Eric was ambushed by his family who staged an intervention concerning Quinn. Wyatt issued Steffy an ultimatum in regard to their marriage. As Bill was finalising his divorce to Katie, he was questioned about his decision to gift Brooke his Forrester Creations shares. RJ returned home from boarding school in the hopes of spending the upcoming semester in Los Angeles. Steffy had other things on her mind when Thomas interrogated her about her love life. A determined Quinn applied pressure on Ivy to fulfil her assignment in spite of her previous failed attempts. Not accepting the news about Brooke and Bill's pending nuptials too well, RJ took matters into his own hands.

Watch For: A child is on the receiving end of a harsh life lesson. Bad news travels fast among quarrelling family members.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Brady and Theresa's wedding day arrived, but the guests had a hard time keeping their mind off the prison escape from the night before. Theresa and Eve got emotional as Eve helped her sister get ready for the wedding. Deimos tried to reach out to Chloe and explain why he believed the baby was his. The wedding was unexpectedly interrupted by a surprise guest. Theresa and Brady's nuptials came to a screeching halt when Orpheus held Eve hostage and Xander cornered a frightened Theresa. Kate was on edge after believing she saw Clyde at the town square. Aiden arranged for Chase to be transferred to a facility back in Oregon and shared his plan to join him shortly. Steve visited Kayla in her hospital room as she recovered from surgery.

Watch For: John and Paul tried to pick up on the escaped prisoners' trail. Chloe was stunned by Philip's request. Deimos met with Dario and asked him to be more proactive about getting the dirt on Chloe and her pregnancy.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Liz sent Sabrina on a mission. Hayden tore into Liz. Morgan perceived Kiki's doubts as a lack of faith in him. Meanwhile, Darby had an easy solution to Morgan's problem. Franco sought advice from Kiki. Sabrina thought fast and saved the day. Alexis was touched by Sonny's words. Carly and Michael had a bitter argument. Julian had a change of heart. Finn promised to help Hayden. Liz realised the depth of Franco's loyalty. Tensions emerged on the first day of Julian's trial. Michael shared happy news with Felix. Jason made an emotional plea. Lulu confided in Kevin and resolved to get some answers. Tracy was thrown by some devastating news. Dante connected the dots and made an important discovery in the hospital murder case. An executive decision was made. Nelle gave Carly some sage advice. Alexis took a stumble.

Watch For: Nelle lends a sympathetic ear to a friend. Maxie attempts to dig further into Claudette's past. Carly begs Sonny to take a stand.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Summer was called to the police station to finish giving her statement. Phyllis admitted to Jack that she wasn't trying hard to make their marriage work, even confessing that she still thought of him as Marco when she looked at him. Later, Phyllis told Billy that she couldn't hurt Jack any longer and that their affair was over. Sharon confided in Mariah that she was worried about Dylan's safety, knowing that he was going after Victor. Meanwhile, Paul warned Dylan that seeking revenge on Victor would affect his relationship with Nikki. Sharon was spooked after receiving some harassing phone calls. Abby was thrown when Stitch told her that he was ready for another baby. Summer told Luca that she was done with him.

Watch For: Victoria plays hardball with Billy. Jill propositions Travis. Billy makes a passionate plea to Phyllis.