Weird News


September 16, 2016

Police say a Florida woman made a bomb threat in an attempt to keep her boyfriend from submitting a urine sample at a probation office.

Winter Haven police say 31-year-old Deniz Martinez called 911 on Tuesday, saying a man outside the office was going to "blow the building up." Investigators determined the cell phone number belonged to Martinez, who drove 38-year-old boyfriend Jason Drake to the office earlier Tuesday. Officials say he wasn't able to provide the urine sample and was required to stay there until he submitted a sufficient sample. Officers say they tracked down Martinez and that she acknowledged making the call. She was charged with making a false report about a bomb. Drake was arrested, accused of a probation violation. Records don't indicate whether either have a lawyer.

Far from the desert, a teenage driver collided with a camel on an Alabama road, injuring the driver and animal.

Sardis Police Chief James Harp tells The Gadsden Times that the camel's owner was leading it across the road when the crash happened Monday evening. The police chief said camel owner Terry Turk waved his arms to get the driver's attention and leaped out of the way to avoid the car. But the camel crashed on to the hood, showering glass on to the driver, who was treated for minor injuries, including cuts. The chief said the camel had to be euthanised. Harp said Turk operates Turk's Bama Bucks, which breeds deer. The company's website says its farm has also been home to other animals such as kangaroos and elk.

Police say a 23-year-old man looking for protection ran into an Ohio jail and became trapped in the facility.

Authorities say Chad Saylor breached the Butler County Resolutions facility in Hamilton on Saturday by climbing a pipe and becoming trapped in the rear of the facility. Police say he then called 911, saying people were after him with weapons and trying to kill him and he needed to get to safety. The breach came days after an inmate walked away from the Butler County Jail and was found a day later. Saylor had active warrants and was taken into custody. He wasn't seriously injured. A message seeking comment was left with his attorney.