Weird News


September 21, 2016

A man has been banned from going near stables after having sex with a horse.

Shane Trafford Taylor-Waters has admitted to penetrating the animal and filming it on his phone at the Town Bent Tables in Oswaldwistle in Lancashire, northwest England. A court has heard that it is not the first time he has committed a sexual act on an animal. According to the Metro newspaper, Taylor-Waters was once caught out having sex with a horse after the owner of the long-haired mammal found a "substance" on the horse's legs. The 36-year-old man's legal representative, Richard Prew, said, "My client says he made images so he could look back with revulsion at what he had done rather than show it to someone else."

A woman found a dead newt in her salad.

Ruby Long, 20, from Old Windsor in Berkshire, southeast England, came across the slimy creature in her lunch from the Co-op Supermarket and was left 'mortified' at the thought that she could have tucked into the pesky salamander if she hadn't found it first.

The young lady recalled: "When I went to put the sauce on it, I moved a bit of the chicken to even it out and found a dead newt. I was sitting there speechless and my colleague asked what was up with me. We both couldn't believe it."

She continued, "If I hadn't rearranged the filling, I definitely would've eaten it without knowing. I felt disgusted and mortified that I could have eaten it.


"I won't buy any pre-packaged sandwiches from Co-op anymore, as I want to know there are not going to be any creatures inside." Ruby was offered an apology and PS25 voucher from the store, but was dissatisfied. She told the Metro newspaper: "There's so many things they haven't told me - like what type of newt it is, what country it came from. I want to know how on earth it managed to get there and what checks they are carrying out, because if a newt can get in there, who knows what else could?" In a statement, a Co-op representative said: "A complaint was made in store by a customer on September 1. We have given them a full apology and refund, along with a gesture of goodwill in light of the distress and inconvenience this issue may have caused."

A McDonald's cafe has opened in Paris.

But don't expect to be able to pick up a Big Mac and fries as McCafe simply sells sandwiches, soups and fancy French desserts. The Twitter account Chak89Spice tweeted: "So @McDonalds have opened their first shop as @McCafe in #Paris. It's basically a coffee shop, but with healthier eating options (sic)." A representative from the fast-food franchise said that it's "too early to tell" if the new outlet will be successful.

A man was sent to jail after living in a Singapore airport for three weeks.

Raejali Buntut lived a luxury life during the weeks he spent inside the terminal of the airport in Southeast Asia by doctoring boarding passes on his personal computer and allowing access to showers and restaurants inside the building.

According to the Metro newspaper, the 33-year-old man would download the logo for Cathay Pacific and Singapore Airlines to create passes for nine different lounges within the airport, which included a fake flight number and destination.

However, his luck was over when staff in the building caught on to his "blatantly lawless behaviour". As a result, Buntut has been arrested for two weeks.