September 23, 2016
Contributed Arianne Zucker plays Nicole Walker in Days of our Lives

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Eric had the mansion remodelled as a gift to Quinn. As his children and grandchildren listened intently, Eric expressed the extreme pain he felt when he realised his family deserted him at his own wedding. Wyatt explained to his mother that he didn't attend the nuptials in order to show solidarity with his wife Steffy. Eric accused Ridge of wanting revenge. Quinn and Wyatt arrived at Forrester Creations to find Eric unconscious. Ridge blamed Quinn and prohibited her from visiting Eric at the hospital. Later, Steffy made a serious accusation against Quinn, who vehemently defended her love of Eric. Carter made a startling discovery as he reviewed some important paperwork that belonged to Eric.

Watch For: A blushing bride is rejected by her new family. A son is torn between obeying the law and protecting his legacy. A newly single mother returns with intentions of filling a void in her child's life.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: The results of Chloe's baby's paternity test were revealed. Aiden questioned Rafe and Hope about the Stefano DiMera murder case. Tensions escalated among Orpheus, Clyde and Xander. Abe had a heart-to-heart talk with Theo. Jennifer encouraged JJ to let go of the past. Gabi ran into Chad, and their bond continued to grow. Brady and Sonny made a bold move. John got a phone call from Orpheus telling him that the villains had someone he loved. Marlena gave Abe a psychological profile on Clyde. The chaos in Salem continued as the fugitives made their demands. Pandemonium erupted as a shot was fired. Aiden dropped a bombshell on Hope. As Clyde's shot made contact, the chaos continued.

Watch For: A fearful Hope wonders what Aiden wants after he insists she meet with him. Kayla breaks down in Steve's arms over Joey's predicament. Nicole confronts Deimos about his shady behaviour.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Franco tried to get his hands on more money. Alexis felt unsettled after an encounter. Morgan made a questionable decision and was hit hard by the repercussions. Anna had some questions for Paul. Tracy was shaken by a conversation she overheard. Nathan and Maxie grew closer despite their tough circumstances. Curtis and Andre faced off in the gym. Claudette dropped a bombshell on Griffin. Laura had an unexpected travel companion en route to Port Charles. Maxie feared the worst. Jason and Sam shared a romantic moment. Dillon had an emotional confrontation. Sonny made a promise to Jason. Ava and Carly found some common ground. Sam made her intentions clear.

Watch For: Hayden and Finn overhear some disturbing news about the hospital. Curtis gives Nina a harsh reality check. Claudette fills Griffin in on her past.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Chloe agreed to have dinner with Kevin but insisted it wasn't a date. She later changed her mind and gave her date a kiss. Victoria confronted Jill about offering Travis a job out of town. Meanwhile at the GCAC, Victor questioned Travis about his feelings for Victoria. Billy and Victoria agreed to show Jill that they could work together despite their personal issues. Nikki warned Victor not to use Faith's birthday party as a recruitment opportunity. Chelsea insisted that she and Nick were just friends. Chloe confronted Mariah about her feelings for Kevin. Victor offered Travis a job.

Watch For: Ashley meets someone from her past. Billy gets in trouble with the law. Jack sets a trap for revenge.