AIDS Affairs


September 27, 2016

Dear Counsellor,

I got a text message from a woman saying that my husband had infected her with gonorrhoea. Counsellor, this worries me a whole lot because I am pregnant. If it is true that my husband is really infected with gonorrhoea, how would this affect my unborn child?

Expectant Wife

Dear Expectant Wife,

Gonorrhoea is a serious sexually transmitted infection (STI) that must be taken seriously.

Women who have gonorrhoea during pregnancy tend to have higher rates of miscarriage.

Therefore, a pregnant woman who found out that she is infected with gonorrhoea must seek prompt treatment from her health-care provider as prompt treatment reduces the risk of possible problems.

If you don't get treatment for the gonorrhoea infection and go into labour, you could pass the bacteria to your baby. This could cause your baby to become blind as gonorrhoea in new-borns most commonly affects the eyes. Therefore, you should go promptly to your doctor to discuss any possibility of you having been exposed to gonorrhoea. It is possible that the text message was not intended for you or someone is just being malicious. However, take no chances. It is better to be sure than later, you end up saying that you were sorry that you never acted.

Dear Counsellor,

For some time now, I have been having intense vaginal itching.

My tummy often gets bloated and sometimes I have a very sharp pain. I also have a discharge from my vagina looking more like cottage cheese.

I wonder if that could be a sexual disease. I have not been involved sexually with any main man; however, I do occasionally have sex with my pastor.

I know he is a clean Christian man. I would not want to give him any disease. Please let me know what is happening to me.

Sister S.

Dear Sister S.,

It is very difficult for me to tell you what is happening to you from just your description. You need to visit a doctor immediately so that your condition can be correctly diagnosed and treated.

If you are diagnosed with a sexually transmitted infection, your pastor and any other partners must be treated so that the infection can be controlled and reinfection prevented.

You may also want to consider using a condom whenever you have sex. You must take the personal responsibility of protecting yourself.

You cannot guarantee that your pastor is using condoms, and you don't know who else he is having sex with. You have to think seriously about your sexual health. Let it be your responsibility to protect it.

For more information on condom use, HIV/AIDS, and other sexually transmitted infections, call the AIDS/STD Helpline toll free at 1888-991-4444.