Weird News


September 27, 2016

Cats will need leashes just like dogs if a proposal before the Kenai council wins approval.

Kenai Mayor Pat Porter and council member Tim Navarre have proposed a cat leash law after complaints from residents about roaming felines.

The Peninsula Clarion reports that current city code does not include cats on its list of animals that need to be restrained. The proposed ordinance also cites complaints about the impact of a growing cat population on the Kenai Animal Shelter's resources. Kenai City Manager Rick Koch says shelter resources are sufficient. He said he will research data and see whether other Alaska communities have similar laws.

Some residents are concerned about compliance and whether the law will tax animal-control resources. A hearing and vote is set for October 5.

In wild costumes, wingsuits and even home-made flying machines, thousands of people are gliding through the French Alps in the world's oldest free-flight festival.

Hang-gliders, paragliders, acrobatic sailplanes and hot-air balloons from around the world gathered this weekend for the Icarus Cup, celebrating its 43rd edition on the slopes of Saint Hilaire du Touvet. Motorised paragliders will race in an airborne slalom in one of the festival's events. Kitted out like a dragon, a trumpet, or a car, some participants are aiming for victory at a costume contest. Emergency services are on hand in case of accidents - and to watch out for suspicious packages as part of France's state of emergency after deadly extremist attacks.

A flower that got its nickname from its putrid smell is blooming at Dartmouth College for the first time since 2011.

Named Morphy, the titan arum - or corpse flower - began opening Friday afternoon at the Ivy League college's Life Sciences Greenhouse.

Morphy is native to Sumatra's equatorial rainforests and has a long, pointy stalk with a skirt-like covering.

Dartmouth greenhouse manager Kim DeLong said its odour has been described as a cross between a decaying animal and urine. DeLong said she plans to pollinate the endangered flower to share seeds and pollen around the world.

A dog who rooted through the trash from a family dinner and ate seven corncobs is recovering after a charity raised money for surgery.

The dog is Roxy, a pure-bred boxer who lives in Virginia Beach. The Virginian-Pilot newspaper reports that Roxy threw-up six of the corncobs. An X-ray revealed the seventh after the dog's owner took her to an animal hospital. The owner was upset and says she almost had Roxy euthanised because she couldn't afford the $5,000 surgery bill. A national pet charity, Frankie's Friends, agreed to help and within less than 24 hours raised the money.