September 30, 2016
File Amelia Heinle plays Victoria Newman on The Young and the Restless.


THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Wyatt comforted his mother as Eric's family kept her from visiting him in the hospital. Ridge and Steffy refused to allow Quinn to hold all of the cards. Carter was put on the spot when Ridge asked him for a favour. Having already lost her home, Quinn's day got even worse when she stumbled upon Steffy at Forrester Creations. Caroline confessed to Thomas about the sobering realisation she had during her time away in New York. Liam was heartbroken when Steffy informed him that they would not be reuniting because she was giving her marriage to Wyatt another chance. Meanwhile, Ivy looked at Steffy's decision as a chance to win back Liam. Ridge and Steffy were blindsided by Carter when he backed out of their agreement.

Watch For: A former flame takes extreme measures for an unrequited love. An ex-lover causes trouble for a tarnished marriage. A new relationship hits a roadblock.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: AndrE pitched the idea to Chad of taking advantage of the Kiriakis blunder and moving in on their business. Justin demanded that Adrienne move out of the DiMera mansion. Gabi helped her friend Janet ward off the looters but was shocked to recognise one of them. Hope delivered some upsetting news to Rafe. John, Marlena, Steve, and Kayla shared memories of their past encounters with Orpheus as they tried to figure out how to take him down. Ciara feared that Theo left the hospital after seeing Abe. AndrE was curious about Aiden's victory. Marlena enlisted Kate's help to expand her profile about Clyde. Orpheus opened up to Joey about his losses, while Clyde shared his desire to make things up to his son.

Watch For: Marlena lays out her plan to take down the fugitives. Deimos and Nicole join forces. Theresa begins to let the stress of the siege get to her.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Sonny and Carly faced some big challenges on the home front. Curtis gave Nina a harsh reality check. Kiki set Morgan straight on his false assumptions. A worried Nelle turned to Sonny for advice. Claudette filled Griffin in on her past. Kiki and Nelle compared notes about working with Carly. Sonny did some damage control. Jordan received an unlikely tip. Ava dodged a bullet. With the walls closing in on him, a desperate Morgan lied to his therapist and misinterpreted something he saw. Sonny was shocked that Griffin was questioning his faith. Nelle offered Morgan a friendly shoulder to lean on but rebuffed his advances. Ned and Olivia reignited their relationship. A tipsy Alexis had an unexpected visitor. Jason received some vital information.

Watch For: Franco makes it clear to Sam that he isn't going anywhere. Tracy and Monica unite to support the hospital during tough times. Laura gives Kevin another chance.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Travis took Victoria back to the bar where they first met and promised her nothing would change between them. Phyllis moved in with Summer but told her that she was refusing to give up on her marriage to Jack. Meanwhile, Jack refused to give Phyllis her old job back at Jabot. Nick brought Faith home from her birthday party and found an unwrapped present for her on the doorstep. Ashley got stuck in the elevator with Travis and realised that he once dated a friend of hers in New York. Stitch and Abby tried to sort out their marriage problems. Travis asked for Adam's old office at Newman Enterprises. Nick told Sharon to quit trying to push him closer to Chelsea. Abby turned to Victor for marital advice.

Watch For: Hilary goes after a hot scoop. Billy meets little Bella. Jack takes on a secret project.