Weird News


October 01, 2016

A woman has allowed herself to be cut with a razor so people can drink her blood.

A 28-year-old woman from Louisiana, Blut Katzchen - who calls herself "a black swan", a term used to describe someone who willingly offers their blood - has travelled worldwide for over a decade in an attempt to satisfy bloodthirsty people who think they need blood to survive, according to the Mirror Online.

Speaking about her obscure habit, she said: "I have always been entranced with the whole vampire culture since I was very young. I found a book on vampires in my sister's collection and became completely entranced with it. It takes a very specific type of mindset to enjoy being a swan - you have to be more submissive and enjoy giving."

Her latest admirer is 44-year-old Michael Vachmiel, who claims he is the "Vampire King", and says Blut's blood gives him the energy he needs to survive. Michael says he started drinking blood by accident, but he hasn't looked back since. He said: "I started drinking blood by accident - it was during an intense sexual act where blood was drawn and touched my lips. At that point it was an awakening."

A man in Coventry has been dressing in latex and living as a puppy.

Lucky, 35, lives with 60-year-old Oz - whom he met three years ago via a dating app - and lives as a pet dog by playing fetch and being taken for long strolls in the park. Speaking to the Coventry Evening Telegraph, Lucky said: "I said on the site that I wanted to come and try it out then this year around three years later I just bit the bullet and said I would like to go to Birmingham Pride dressed as a pup." And Lucky's 'owner' Oz used to play the role of the furry animal himself, although he gave up the role once he retired. He said: "I found that it did something for me unlike anything I had ever experienced before. All the decisions you have to make, and the things you have to worry about as a human go away. It's like being on a holiday".

A pork pie has caused a security risk at Manchester Airport.

Norman Pearson took the savoury snack with him to the airport before he flew to Spain, but was stopped by security because they were alerted to liquid in his bag, which was the juice in the pork pie that had triggered the alert.

Norman's brother Roy told the Manchester Evening News: "Norman and pork pies are regular travelling companions but it's the first time that it has caused an issue with airport security.

"It certainly tickled me because he's so precise. He doesn't even wear a belt so he can get through security fast.

"He's mortified if he gets held up so he'd be very surprised to be held up by a pie."

Thankfully, the airport security team managed to see the funny side, and let Norman continue on his way without being separated from his mini feast. Roy added: "Seeing the funny side of it and not being able to extract the juice from the pie and place into a plastic bag, airport security allowed both Norman and his pie to continue on their way and wished him 'bon appetit'."

A man has pleaded guilty to scanning carrots instead of apples at his supermarket.

Aidan Martin Devlin, 53, pleaded guilty to charges of false representation after being caught scanning carrots instead of apples when using a self-scanner at his local Tesco.

The vegetable is considerably cheaper than the fruit, with a kilo of apples coming to roughly PS2, as opposed to 60p for the same weight of carrots. Aidan confessed to 12 charges at Newtownards Magistrates' Court and was advised by District Judge White to do as the Probation Board asked. He said: "If you do as you are asked and provide them with the information they require, then it is likely the court will follow their recommendation."

Reportedly, one in five people in the UK admit to committing this crime, which costs supermarkets PS1.6 billion a year.