Weird News


October 03, 2016

A glass treetop toilet block has been unveiled in China.

The bizarre tourist attraction, which is a block of cubicles inside a building made entirely from glass and is perched on the top of trees in the woods of Hunan, China, has attracted a lot of attention as it is the world's first toilet block to be made entirely from the transparent material. BBC news have reported the lavatories are located near Shiyan Lake in the southern Hunan province, and have only slightly frosted glass partitions to divide the men's cubicles from the women's. Despite the new popular site, only a few dared to open their bowels and use the toilets when they officially opened to the public. It is hoped these bathrooms will encourage more people to visit the countryside around Changsha city and admire the spectacular views and autumn colours of its forests whilst relieving their bladder.

A ghost has been blamed for keeping a woman awake at night.

Iris Alamo has been struggling to sleep at her home in Chicago, America, and to get to the bottom of her insomnia she set up a camera in her bedroom to find out what was disturbing her at night. The woman posted the video to Facebook, which has since been reported on the Daily Star website, with the caption: "Took almost a year but finally caught, so this is probably why I can't sleep at night." It is only when Iris watches the footage back she discovered the bedroom door had flown open all by itself without any explanation. However, after a few moments, an eerie figure can be seen across the other side of the room and appears to float across. As the mysterious being glides towards the door, the bed covers are pulled off of Iris and as it goes out of shot, a bang can be heard, which ultimately wakes her. The clip also shows Iris sitting upright in bed putting the light on, which then switches itself off again after.

A bride has allowed wedding guests to grope her breasts in exchange for money.

A video has surfaced online, which has since been reported on the Daily Star website, which shows a woman dressed in a white wedding gown - compete with a headpiece and pearl earrings - greeting her guests.

However, a friend of the bride then reached out to cop a feel of her assets, pulled them out of her dress and groped them in front of the whole wedding party before handing over a handful of cash to the bride.

Guests then took it in turn to put their own hands on her bare chest and also paid for the privilege. It is believed the unusual action was part of a cultural ritual where guests fondle with the bride's boobs in exchange for a monetary gift.

A dog has rescued a pensioner's prosthetic leg from being swept out to sea.

John Dooner was on a pleasant stroll with his 18-month-old German pointer, Gertie, in Pembrokeshire, Wales, when an older male approached and begged for help in retrieving his wife's false limb, according to the Mirror Online. The proud owner of Gertie took the matter into his own hands and threw a stone into the ocean for Gertie to fetch, in the hope of returning with the leg. Thankfully, Gertie came to the rescue and saved the floating body part.