Weird News


October 05, 2016

A dead fish has been given a Viking burial.

Pet owner Joe Genco decided to bid his beloved pet goldfish, Enrique, goodbye with a historical send-off, which saw him build a boat out of tissue paper and cocktail sticks and saw it sailed down the lavatory as it was flushed away, according to the Mirror Online. Joe posted the video on YouTube, which sees the bathroom laden with candles to set the mood, before panning to the deceased animal laying in the handmade boat prior to being set alight and flushed down the toilet to the song The Last Post. The tragic video has racked up over 177,000 views on the video-sharing site.

A man has invented sausages filled with Viagra to combat erectile dysfunction.

Matt O'Connor, from Fathers4Justice organisation, has altered the contents of the meaty feast to include the libido-lifting supplement, red Chinese and Siberian Ginseng, L'Arginine, horny goat weed as well as pork in a bid to help regain men's sex drive.

Speaking to the Mirror Online about his edible creation, he said: "As a father of three boys, I am deeply concerned about the public health emergency facing men. I hope our sausages will give people food for thought and help men break the wall of silence around these issues."

The sausages have since gone on sale at a British butchers called The Butchery in Forest Hill, London.

A man had his penis trapped in a sex toy for two days.

An unidentified man from China had to endure two days of excruciating pain after he trapped his manhood in a metal ring, which is believed to have been part of a sex toy, according to the Metro newspaper.

Despite numerous attempts to get the piece of equipment off of his genitalia, his nether region began to swell, making the removal of the ring even harder. Firefighters were called, but they too couldn't remove the ring and were causing more pain to the man.

One last attempt was made by doctors, after the man was rushed to hospital, who successfully removed the nuisance part after 90 minutes. It has been reported the swelling of the man's private parts will take some time to go down.

A man treated his girlfriends' cat to an American breakOfast while she was away.

A boyfriend was on babysitting duty whilst his partner was away and was given the responsibility of feeding the friendly feline in her absence, which saw the boyfriend rustle up a mini version of his own breakfast of pancakes with maple syrup.

According to the Mirror Online, the beau text his girlfriend asking whether the animal would like pancakes and joked whether it would enjoy a few chocolate chips in their meal too. The boyfriend has since shared a picture of the miniature pancakes alongside his larger portion on social media. He tweeted: "When your girlfriend goes out of town and tells you 'don't forget to feed our cat' (sic)."