Weird News


October 06, 2016

A pigeon has been arrested for carrying a threatening message to the prime minister of India.

The bird was taken into custody after being discovered near the country's border with Pakistan, with a message referencing the 1971 war between Pakistan and India. The letter - addressed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi - read: "Modi, we're not the same people from 1971.

Now each and every child is ready to fight against India." And the pigeon is currently being investigated.

Inspector Ramesh Kumar from Narot Jaimal Singh Police Station said: "The pigeon was carrying the letter when it was found. We are investigating the matter." He added the police have taken the feathered felon "into custody" while investigations continued, according to Sky News.

A woman has used a flip-flop to defend herself against a crocodile.

The woman was walking her dog in Australia's Kakadu National Park when they were approached by a crocodile as they stood close to the water's edge at Cahill's Crossing, according to The Guardian newspaper. Instead of fleeing, the woman simply took off one of her flip-flops and moved closer to the dangerous predator before slapping her shoe against her palm to try and scare it off.

Thankfully, the trick paid off, but crocodile enthusiast Lyndon Anlezark - who witnessed the event and filmed it on his phone - said she was lucky to be alive. He said: "If the dog walked next to the owner when the crocodile was close, it would have launched at both of them, with its jaws clamping down on whatever it made contact with. Both are lucky to be alive."

A school in Cornwall has banned running.

Hillfort Primary School in Cornwall has reportedly banned its pupils from sprinting on the playground during break times because there were too many children sustaining injuries, according to The Telegraph newspaper. Head teacher Doctor Tim Cook said: "I sat down with some of my senior colleagues to assess the problem with children running across the playground and ending up in first aid."

Dr Cook then clarified with baffled parents the ban was not necessarily on running as a whole, but on darting from one side of the playground to another, and has insisted pupils are still allowed to run while playing sports such as football. He said: "Children can still run in the early-years' playground and we have two football courts which the children can run in. This is just a ban on running from one side of the playground to the other."

Carlsberg's Research Laboratory has recreated the world's first quality lager.

Over the past three years, the Copenhagen-based facility has been painstakingly recreating a single bottle of lager from 1883, which used the world's first pure yeast, and have revolutionised beer brewing all over the world.

Now, they've finished their work and the product, named 'Re-brew', will be available for the general public to purchase at PS12.95 a bottle. Only 600 bottles will be available in the UK, and can only be purchased from St Barts Brewery in London. Liam Newton, vice-president of marketing for Carlsberg UK, said: "It's taken Carlsberg's brewers years of craft and dedication to get to a point where we can make Re-brew available to the public.

"This is an incredible opportunity for UK beer-drinkers and enthusiasts to purchase the Re-brew beer before anyone else in the world does". All proceeds from sales of the beer will be given to the University of Nottingham's International Centre for Brewing Science.