October 07, 2016
File Alison Sweeney plays Sami on Days of Our Lives


THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: With the future in mind, Rick and Maya had an ulterior motive when they asked Nicole and Zende to lunch. Sasha questioned her relationship with Thomas when she witnessed a tender moment between him, Caroline and Douglas. Wyatt vowed to a reluctant Steffy that he was determined to fight for their marriage. Bill received a visit from someone from his past after he became engaged to Brooke. Zende was still upset with Rick and Maya's request and attempted to get Nicole on the same page as him. Steffy turned to Ridge for some fatherly advice regarding her future with Wyatt. As Quinn thanked Wyatt for his loyalty, he informed her that he was no longer taking sides. Liam provided a shoulder for Steffy to lean on as she began a new chapter in her life.

Watch For: Exes come face to face for the first time since their divorce. Co-conspirators are pressured to act on their plan. A son gives his father the opportunity to right a wrong.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Chad recruited Lucas and Adrienne for a secret plan to bring down the convicts. Gabi urged Chad and Sonny to reconcile. While Xander and Orpheus ironed out their master plan, Clyde decided to go solo. Hope and Rafe clashed over Aiden. Nicole came face to face with Xander. Brady suggested to Theresa that they have a makeshift wedding and exchange vows. Clyde confronted Chad and demanded that he turn over Thomas. John and Marlena worried about their risky plan to capture the evil three. Adrienne and Lucas refused to reveal Thomas' whereabouts. Aiden continued to pressure Hope to agree to go on a date with him. John called Orpheus and arranged to surrender himself to end the reign of terror. Adrienne lashed out at Andre.

Watch For: Deimos has some surprising news about Xander. Hope is still wrecked with guilt over Aiden. Orpheus reveals his plan to John, which puts many lives in danger.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Tracy and Dillon shared an emotional moment. Franco made it clear to Sam that he wasn't going anywhere. Later, Jake questioned Sam about her animosity toward Franco. Carly and Nelle got to know each other a little better. Anna helped come up with a theory about Ava's involvement in Julian's trial. Jason made a promise to Michael. Kiki was overcome with mixed emotions. Tracy and Monica united to support the hospital amid tough times. Laura gave Kevin another chance. Nathan was smitten with a new lady in his life. Maxie was determined to uncover the truth. Lulu received some stunning news. Kiki pushed Dillon away. Franco and Nina reflected on what it meant to be a parent. Jordan made amends. Alexis turned to Sam for support.

Watch For: Tracy takes Lucy to task. Hayden receives an insulting offer. Franco hatches a plan to reopen the hospital.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Victor couldn't resist asking Phyllis about her new position at Jabot. Phyllis lashed out at Victor, which made Nikki very nervous that Victor would reignite his feud against Jack. Meanwhile, Summer visited Jack and found him researching Newman Enterprises on his computer. Billy and Travis had a heated exchange at a dive bar and were arrested after also fighting with a patron. Hilary was disappointed when Devon wouldn't let her run a story about their arrests. Kevin felt that Chloe was pushing him away, but she insisted she just needed time for herself. Later, Kevin met with Mariah with the hope of repairing their friendship. After Sharon received several hang-up calls, Nick told her he was moving in while Dylan was out of town.

Watch For: Chloe incriminates herself. Hilary crosses the line at GC Buzz. Victor confronts a new rival.