Weird News


October 11, 2016

Surgeons have removed an enormous hairball from a woman's stomach.

The 38-year-old woman was struggling to keep her food down for almost a year, and unbeknown to her, the reason why she couldn't digest her food was due to a large hairball, which was causing a blockage in her stomach.

Surgeons removed the hair clump, plus a smaller 4cm hairball in her large intestine, along with an extra 'tail', which had wrapped itself around her small intestine, according to the British Medical Journal.

It was only when surgeons operated on her that the woman realised that she was suffering from a condition called Rapunzel syndrome, which gives sufferers the irresistible urge to pull out their hair and compulsively eat it.

Among her other symptoms were constipation and a massive bloated stomach full of accumulating gas and fluids. She lost 15 pounds in weight over eight months as a result of a loss of appetite.

Police have rescued a chicken waiting to cross a busy road.

Motorists in Dundee took to Twitter on Friday to express their concerns after seeing the animal waiting for its chance to dart across a busy road, according to The Courier newspaper. It is usually the making for a joke, but this time, it is not known why the chicken was trying to cross the road.

One Twitter user said: "Weird start to my day when there's a chicken next to me waiting to cross the road in Dundee.(Sic)." Another described the scene as "the funniest" they had ever seen.

Scotland police confirmed the rescue and have since issued a statement.

A rare misprinted Twix chocolate bar was sold on eBay for over PS30.

The bar of chocolate, which usually retails for less than PS1, was put up for sale on the auctioning website for 30 times its usual cost, according to the Gloucestershire Live newspaper.

The sweet treat - described as a very rare misprinted Twix collectable chocolate bar - soon attracted bids in excess of PS20 because its label included a piece of tape wrapped around its middle, which is from the end of the roll used for wrappers. The item received a total of 22 bids before it was sold for PS33, plus PS1.50 for postage and packaging.

The seller promised to donate 80p of every PS1 paid to the Gloucestershire Oncology Centre when the auction came to an end last Wednesday. Doctors, nurses, and staff at the Gloucestershire Royal Hospital have thanked the seller for helping to raise money.

A man has gained "superpowers" after he abstained from sex for 700 days.

A man decided to put a ban on his sex life and went without masturbating for almost two years, and since his lifestyle change, he has become a new man, with tendencies he didn't have before, although he doesn't like referring to his new ways as powers.

According to Reddit, the man said: "My mind did feel a lot clearer and I was at peace more often. Yes, I was able to feel all those things you call 'superpowers' too - sudden increase in confidence, laser-sharp focus, more attention from women, easier to find sex, energy boosts, etc. I don't like to refer to them as 'superpowers'. How do we know these superpowers aren't just normal human tendencies?"