A duck has over 300 friends on Facebook


October 12, 2016

A man gave his wife a taxidermic cat for their first wedding anniversary.

A husband bought his spouse a stuffed feline to celebrate the momentous occasion. However, his wife was unimpressed by the gift and was worried homing a dead animal would cause her own living furry pets to have "long-term psychological effects".

Speaking to the Mirror Online about the present, she said: "My husband garbage picked a very badly taxidermied cat for me for our first wedding anniversary, because nothing says 'I love you like' your favourite animal, only dead.

"It was clearly someone's pet, and its tragic gaze is hauntingly beautiful in a way. Not a way that I want in my house, but I imagine someone might.

"[I was worried] about the long-term psychological effects on my two (alive) cats, who have now accepted living with a dead, badly stuffed relative as normal."

The stuffed decoration has since been put for sale on the online auction site and has been bought for PS102.

A Yorkshire-speaking parrot will only eat Yorkshire puddings.

Margaret Hullahs' 11-year-old pet has developed a Yorkshire accent and regularly greets visitors with the northern twang, and even has a soft spot for the battered accompaniment for a roast dinner, according to the Mirror Online.

Speaking about her winged pet, the 69 year old said: "He is my soul mate and I wouldn't be without him.

"But he has a very sharp beak and he can be a naughty boy. He has got a reputation.

"But he's picked up phrases from me and copied my Yorkshire dialect instead. He's a dead ringer for Compo from Last of the Summer Wine.

"If someone comes round he'll say, 'Hello' and then ask, 'What's tha come for?'

"He also copies my laugh, whistles, and if we're in a hurry he'll say, 'Come on, come on.'

"He knows not to swear, at least not when I'm around."

A man has invented a leotard to stop his dog from shedding its fur.

Tyson Walters has created the Shed Defender, which was inspired by his own pet pooch Harley, to prevent him from leaving behind 'tumbleweeds' of fur around his home and allows all furry friends to sport the all-in-one garment to keep their fur intact.

Speaking about his creation to The Telegraph website, he said: "I needed a solution to control Harley's hair; it was everywhere. I had tumbleweeds of her hair on my hardwood floors. My car was close to ruined because of all the hair intertwined in the fabric. There was nothing I could do, just brush and brush and brush; and yet that still wasn't enough.

"I came up with the idea and had my mom started sewing the Shed Defender; needless to say, it was time to hire a professional. I took the next step in hiring a seamstress and started making prototypes.

"The outcome has evolved into a flawless design that is not only effective, but also allows for a comfortable fit for the dog. It is now finally complete and I couldn't be happier with the results."

AA duck has over 300 friends on Facebook.

A feathered bird called Clover has become a media sensation and even boasts hundreds of Internet pals after he was born with poor health and lost his twin at birth.

Clover's surrogate mother, Emma Stanworth, looked after the duckling and has since nursed the webbed-footed being back to health.

Speaking to Sunday People about her pet, she said: "We didn't think she'd survive. Her health was poor and people told me to put her to sleep.

"But I knew, with patience and hope I could get her fit and healthy.

"She follows me everywhere, she's imprinted herself on me.

"She'll follow me into shops. If I'm carrying something, she jumps up for a look. She even comes on the bus, to the pub and to the swimming pool. She's like a dog.

"When we go out, people love to see her and hold her. It's not something you see every day. They really don't expect it."