October 14, 2016
Amelia Heinle plays Victoria Newman on The Young and the Restless.


BEAUTIFUL: Zende and Sasha put the past behind them and talked about their current relationship woes. Quinn began using her new found power in the family by revoking Pam's unlimited access to the Forrester mansion.

Liam attempted to talk Steffy into moving back in so they could pick up their relationship where they left off. Rick had a candid conversation with Brooke regarding the men in her life. Donna Logan returned to town to offer her full support to Bill and Brooke's upcoming nuptials. Ridge pressured Brooke to marry Bill sooner rather than later to ensure that Quinn couldn't get her hands on Forrester Creations. Quinn and Wyatt were reluctant to agree when Eric requested they act on his behalf at the office. Ivy was appointed to mind the home front as Quinn tended to business with Eric's family.

Watch For: A son makes a desperate plea to his mother regarding her future. The bride-to-be gets cold feet. Serious accusations are made about the treatment of a family member.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Gabi called JJ just as his life was put in danger. Steve and John had a major showdown with Orpheus. Marlena shared an emotional reunion with John. Justin raced across town to check on Adrienne. Lucas reluctantly provided shelter for an unexpected visitor. Dario's breakfast with Blanca was interrupted by the arrival of her ex-boyfriend from Mexico.

Nicole warned Chloe she could not keep the paternity of her baby secret for much longer. Theresa confessed to Brady the truth behind Xander's incarceration. Maggie's doctor insisted that she was fully healed and that her inability to walk was psychological. Nicole revealed to Deimos that Chloe was indeed carrying his child.

Watch For: Aiden blackmails Hope into going on a date with him. Kayla sets up a romantic surprise for Steve. Eduardo and John make a pact.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Jason showed his full support for Carly. TJ made a wrong assumption about Curtis' questions. Tracy took Lucy to task. Liz lamented over the future of her job. Hayden made a bold move to help Finn. Franco hatched a plan to reopen the hospital. Laura revealed her plans to sell Wyndemere. Griffin struggled to come to terms with a choice he made.

Anna discussed a job opportunity with Andre. Maxie was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Hayden called Finn out on his feelings for her. Ava had a tense encounter with Sonny and later was caught snooping. Hayden proved that she was more than capable of handling herself and getting what she wanted. Claudette made a frightening discovery. Sonny's dreams got the better of him. Lulu helped her mother prepare for her date with Kevin.

Watch For: Claudette pulled a fast one on Griffin. Finn and Hayden shared a heated moment. Bobbie grew suspicious of Nelle.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Phyllis and Jack agreed that they should leak their information on Newman Enterprises to the press. Cane and Jill celebrated the success of their new campaign for Brash & Sassy. Later, Jill suggested that Cane spend more time with his family. Sharon was upset that Nick was bonding so much with Sully. Patty pleaded with Paul to get her out of Stonevale.

Chelsea and Chloe made Halloween costumes for Bella and Connor. Chloe reached out to Kevin and asked if he wanted to help Bella carve pumpkins. Kevin informed Chelsea that he was willing to take things slow with Chloe. Abby and Stitch met at Chancellor Park to make a decision about the future of their marriage. Hilary received a scoop that could lead to a juicy story for GC Buzz. Billy tried to figure out what Phyllis was hiding from him.

Watch For: Kevin romances Chloe. Sharon is forced to visit Patty. Nikki bonds with Neil.