Weird News


October 14, 2016

Weird News

A group of poisonous snakes have escaped from a farm in China.

A family of around 200 monocled baby cobras have sneakily escaped an unlicensed breeding farm in Nanjing, China, although 150 have been caught, 50 are still on the loose and a search party has been released to uncover the remaining 50, according to the Evening standard website. It is believed that the serpents are highly poisonous and their venom could cause a fatal accident if left untreated. The animals fled the area in August this year, however, the authorities were only alerted to the news recently when a villager found the creature in his home.

A sky diver caught his shoe during his dive after he lost it on the jump.

A thrill-seeking man had his shoe yanked off of his foot while he plummeted through the air during a sky dive, but was able to catch the footwear and tie it back up during the descent, according to the Mirror Online. The man thought the garment was gone for good when his pal decided to throw it into the clouds, but after three attempts to recover his possession, it hit him in the chest and enabled the sky diver to clasp on to the item while in mid-air. A video showing the spectacular moment has since gone viral on social media.

A trio of abandoned kittens has been rescued and renamed after crisp brands.

The one-month-old cats, who were dumped in an empty crisp box in London, have since been found and re-homed by Blue Cross animal hospital, and have been named after popular brands McCoy, Dorrito and Pringle. A veterinary nurse, Tracey Parnell, told The Mirror Online: "McCoy, Dorito and Pringle were really underweight, scared and cold when they were brought in to us. "We treated them for fleas, warmed them up and fed them kitten milk using a syringe, which perked them up a bit. Kittens this young are so helpless, so it's really lucky they found their way to us in time. We would ask anyone struggling to care for a pet to contact a charity like Blue Cross and never just leave them to fend for themselves." The furry pets are currently being monitored before heading to a Blue Cross centre to find a new home.