Weird News


October 20, 2016

Weird News

ASK Italian have attempted the Guinness World Record for 'Giantipasti' - the world's biggest antipasti board.

The popular food brand put together a board featuring an impressive 16,000g of cured meats, 13,000g of cheese and 13,000g of vegetables, which measured 10 metres long - the entire length of their new-look Gloucester Road restaurant in London. ASK teamed up with world-renowned chef Theo Randall and spent three hours building the feast for guests to enjoy. The board included a range of smoked prosciutto, rosemary & sea salt bread, fioncchiona salami and a variety of Italian cheeses. Corinne Prior, the marketing director of ASK Italian, said: "We are so excited to have been the first people to ever attempt a world record sized antipasti. Sharing a 'Giantipasti' is a perfect example of our desire to bring people together with food just like the Italians do. We look forward to welcoming everyone to try the new menu." ASK Italian are awaiting confirmation of their Guinness World Record. ASK Italian attempted the world record for biggest antipasti 'Giantipasti', to celebrate their autumn menu launch

A patient who underwent life-threatening heart surgery sang a folk song after his operation.

A 66-year-old man called Bekir Demirtas underwent the invasive operation after suffering a triple heart bypass, which saw his heart stop beating 40 times in one hour during the four-hour operation. Despite the medical procedure, Bekir still showed he had soul and vitality when he began to perform his own rendition of a popular folk song once he regained consciousness. Although Bekir had to have his heart massaged to re-start it and a heart pump fitted, he now feels he could "wrestle and fight, and even dance".

Speaking to the Mirror Online, he said: "Previously my heart would ache, I would have shortness of breath. Now I have no such a problem. I could wrestle and fight, and even dance."

A man has been rescued after he spent four hours stuck inside a chimney.

The 26-year-old from the US state of Arizona was saved by firefighters who used a rope to pull him free from the tube after he had lost his keys and was trapped inside his home. Luckily, his neighbour had heard him screaming and made the call to the emergency services. According to Sky News, the man came out of the chimney covered in black soot and made the Tuscon Fire Department team chuckle.