Weird Stuff


November 05, 2016

A quick-thinking female from China - who is only known as Xiaoli - has been able to buy her own home in the countryside after being gifted multiple handsets from her numerous partners, according to Proud Qiaoba.

The woman has reportedly made 115,010 Chinese yuan, which is the equivalent of almost PS14,000. It has also been reported that Xiaoli's family are "getting old" and it is believed her new income is in a bid to house them. According to the site: "[Xiaoli's] mum is a housewife and her dad is a migrant worker, and she is the oldest daughter.

Mick Wright from Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire, ordered a packet of razor blades but they couldn't be delivered to his door.

That's because they were in a five-foot-long box. When Wright returned home, he found a letter notifying him his package was left with his neighbour as it wouldn't fit through his letterbox. And Mick has admitted the packaging was "ridiculous" for what he ordered when he recovered the package from his neighbour. Speaking to the Metro Online, he said: "Perhaps the packer misread the label ... the blades were for a Wilkinson Sword razor, not Excalibur.

"It was ridiculous - but to be fair, they did give me recycling details on how to dispose of the large box."

A bird named Charlie has adopted the family that saved him.

Charlie fell out of a tree and into the garden of Tim Green, 58, who gave the injured animal to his wife Rachael, 47, to nurse by feeding him chick crumbs and water.

Speaking to the Metro Online about the incident, Tim said: "I was in the garden with [my son] Lewis and we could just hear a faint sound like a tweeting or squawking. We followed the sound and under our tree we saw this tiny pigeon. It'd obviously fallen out of the nest and hurt its wing. We picked it up and put it in a shoe box."

A few weeks later, Charlie revisited Tim and Rachael at their home in Lower Broadheath, Worcestershire, and now has regular breakfasts with the family.

Ghost hunters believe they've finally managed to capture ghosts on camera in a pub.

They spotted the outline of a youngster who is thought to be named Jennifer and died at the age of seven in the boozer during the 1800s. They heard her voice in their footage set up in a public house in Guisborough, Cleveland. Medium Neil Cook told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "I was absolutely blown away when I saw the footage; we all were. We have spent years looking for this kind of intelligent response."

Neil and his team, GSI Family, were called to the pub last year after landlord Michael Crane asked them to investigate guests' complaints of unexplained activity.