Weird news items


November 09, 2016

A study undertaken by Sainsbury's has revealed people are constantly thinking about their next feast for over 16 hours a week.

Yet, they only use six words to describe their dish, whilst 30 per cent of the nation happily share images of their meals on social media. English lexicographer Susie Dent has teamed up with the food stores The Taste Dictionary in a bid to "evolve" the way people talk about their plates. "I have so many favourite words in this list, and each of them offers a rich or sumptuous alternative to our usual taste repertoire. I particularly like 'mordacious', a word to describe something sharp and with a real bite - it brings to life foods such as mustard and gooseberries beautifully," she said.

Dent added: "As a nation we love our dialects too, and there is a lot of regional variance in the names for different foods (barmcake, bap or bun anyone?). However, as we become more experimental with what is on our plates, our language also needs to evolve to reflect this new culinary landscape. The Sainsbury's Taste Dictionary is a great way to spice up your mealtime and to get the conversation flowing over the dinner table."

A 54-year-old man, Edward Michael Dorsey, was with the police when he reportedly removed his left glass-eye and threw it across the room at the medical staff who were trying to evaluate him at a medical centre in Largo, Florida.

According to WTSP television station, Dorsey had been waiting in the emergency room and was politely asked not to play with his false organ. However, he refused their request and said: "I can do whatever I feel like doing," and lobbed the fake eye.