The Weird


November 10, 2016

The Weird

A student has penned a letter to rampant neighbours to have quiet sex.

Jenna Levine has admitted her peaceful night's sleep was regularly disturbed by a couple's noisy romp, and she had no other choice but to politely ask the pair to "make it nasty at a lower volume," according to The Mirror Online. She wrote: "Hello neighbour. Please have sex a little more quietly. Some of us are trying to nap and not be reminded how alone I am. Feel free to make all the love you want. Just please, make it nasty at a lower volume. Thank you!"

And Jenna's neighbours replied with a card and a peace offering of a bar of chocolate to apologise. Their response read (in part): "Dearest neighbours. I'm so, so incredibly sorry about that. I didn't realise how loud I was being. I will, for sure, try to make it nasty at a significantly lower level. And hey, don't worry, you're not alone forever. Sorry, Room 338."

The government in Denmark has banned parents from naming their children Anus.

A government-issued list, which details what titles are acceptable and unacceptable to name newborns, has inhibited parents from seeking permission to call their tot after the bodily area, and anyone who plans to change the spelling of such names need permission, according to The Mirror Online. And the Court of Appeal believes names such as Facebook, Anus and Lucifer should be banned as they can be harmful.

This news came after a mother from Powys, Wales, was eager to call her child Cyanide, which was rejected by the court because it believed being named after a chemical could affect the youngster. However, the mother appealed the case, suggesting that the name was "lovely and pretty". Other names including Burger King, Hitler, Robocop and Marciana, which means Alien, have also been declined.

A mother has been ordered to pay for a woman's handbag after her son vomited on it.

The unnamed mother was on a long-haul flight with her son when the turbulence caused the young boy to throw up on a stranger's PS900 Louis Vuitton bag.

Writing on website Mumsnet, the user known as 'incognitoforonenight' said: "My son vomited everywhere halfway through flight. We cleared it all up. [An] hour later, the lady behind my seat says, 'Hope your son is OK, but he was sick and it's on my handbag'."

"[We apologised and] she says, 'No, it's on my handbag, it's very expensive and you need to get your insurance to pay for it to be repaired/cleaned.' (sic)"

But users on the site rallied to the mother's defence.

A man dressed as a rabbit has been waving at motorists in West London.

The rabbit - who wears a waistcoat and a colourful scarf - appears by Barnes bridge in West London on the first day of every month in order to "spread unconditional love" to the commuters in the morning. Writing on the Facebook page 'I am White Rabbit' the mystery man wrote: "It's that time of the month ... happy November ... hope you have all survived the witches and the monsters, the drooling ghosts, the spooky hosts. Here we are, having arrived at a full year!"