Mariah Carey inspired Emeli Sandé to be a singer


November 12, 2016
Emeli Sandé
Mariah Carey

Emeli Sande knew she would be a singer when she was just seven years old after she heard Mariah Carey's music. The 29-year-old singer's parents "recognised" her musical talent at a young age, and after they introduced her to the songs of the Fantasy hitmaker she knew she was destined for a career in the music industry.

Speaking in a live question and answer session with her followers on Twitter on Friday, Sande was asked if she always wanted to be a musician. She said: "Yes, since I was seven, when my parents recognised I had a talent and introduced me to Mariah Carey. #LLTA (sic)."

bit impossible

The pop powerhouse said she has always been a die-hard fan of Mariah, and when Mariah collaborated with the late Whitney Houston, it was "a big moment" in her life.

"It is a little bit impossible to choose my favourite Mariah song because I'm a die-hard fan. But when Mariah and Whitney came together to do There Can Be Miracles that was a big moment in my life," Sande said.