The Weirder


November 16, 2016

A vlogger stopped using deodorant for one year and noticed her body started to "smell differently".

The 23-year-old YouTuber, named Elyse Brautigam, undertook an extreme beauty overhaul and decided to stop shaving under her arms and not use antiperspirant, despite sweating "like a pig", and soon learnt she started to smell like the food she ate.

Speaking in the clip, which has since been shared on the Mirror Online, Elyse - who has embarked on a vegan diet - said: "[I] sweat like a pig.

"Your body actually starts to smell differently based on the food you are putting into your body.

"My hormones have balanced even more and my body odour has changed quite a bit."

A teenager has been given a court order for feeding a pigeon a chip.

Lauren-Paige Smith, 19, has revealed she was given a PS25 fine for sharing her McDonald's fries with the bird during her lunch break in Swansea. Speaking to The Telegraph Online about the incident, she said: "He asked for my details because he wanted me to pay a PS25 fine. I asked him, 'Are you serious?' I was feeding the birds - and they ate all of the chips."

However, Smith - who is from South Wales, Cardiff - has revealed the event has since escalated because she has refused to pay the fee, claiming there was no litter as the pigeon devoured her lunch. She explained: "But the fine has escalated and now I'm being hauled into court."