November 18, 2016
Ashley Benson as Abigail Deveraux
Joshua Morrow stars as Nick Newman in THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: RJ softened his position on Bill marrying Brooke and asked him to take good care of her. Katie stood her ground when a jealous Quinn suggested that she find another house to purchase. Eric and Steffy put their recent squabbles behind them in the name of family and the upcoming Forrester Thanksgiving.

Nicole had a difficult time accepting Zende's emotionally heartfelt apology. Zende hoped that a token of his affection would change her mind. Steffy led the Forrester family in revisiting the tradition of past Thanksgivings by instructing those at the table to give a kind statement about the person sitting next to them; however, some of these sentimentalities weren't as easy to give as others.

Watch For: A proposal is made in a desperate attempt to save a relationship. A father and son join forces to achieve a shared goal. Ties are severed between siblings.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Abigail insisted to her mother that no one know of her whereabouts. Meanwhile, Gabi and Chad embarked on their newly defined relationship. Adrienne and Lucas' wedding didn't go as planned. Kayla was upset by Joey's surprising news.

Adrienne was comforted by Sonny, who came up with a way to help his mother solve her dilemma. JJ confessed a secret to Rafe. Abigail told Jennifer that she doubted Chad still loved her. Across town, Kate encouraged Chad to move on with Gabi. Theo told Abe that Valerie was a liar.

Watch For: Chad celebrates Thanksgiving and Thomas' birthday with the Horton family. JJ makes a stunning discovery in the attic. The Bradys visit Bo's grave on the anniversary of his death.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Nelle eavesdropped on a private conversation. Dante and Jordan prepared for Sonny's arraignment. Sam and Jason debated whether to help Curtis with his investigation. Jax comforted Carly. Finn awaited the results of Hayden's blood test. Julian received a cryptic phone call. Tensions mounted between Jordan and Andre. Scott pulled a fast one on Lucy in order to help Ava.

Kiki and Dillon shared a nice moment over pizza. Laura paid Sonny a visit on Thanksgiving, and the two commiserated over the loss of their sons. Carly struggled over her future with Sonny. Julian threatened to tell Sam about Alexis' drinking. Dante and Lulu shared exciting news with their family. Tracy attempted to save the Quartermaines from yet another disastrous Thanksgiving dinner.

Watch For: Griffin breaks up a fight at the hospital. Anna confronts Valentin. Franco pays Heather a visit.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Phyllis ran into Traci who was back in town for the holidays. Cane was discharged from the hospital just in time to celebrate Thanksgiving at home, but struggled to hide his pain from his family. Nick was surprised that Chelsea accepted Victor's invitation to Thanksgiving dinner at the Newman Ranch. Later, at Chelsea's studio, Sharon accused Chelsea of taking Nick's side.

Devon wanted Hilary to focus on positive stories, but Hilary was adamant about doing a profile about Christian. Victor put aside his personal feelings about Sharon and urged Faith not to turn her back on her own mother. Esther took great delight in bossing Jill around while they fed the homeless. Phyllis arrived to volunteer and told Billy that Jack was spending Thanksgiving alone.

Watch For: Jill urges Billy to come clean with Victoria. Neil tries to persuade Jack to make a change in his life. An emergency involving Christian changes everything.