Saturday Weird


November 19, 2016

Lovers perish together

A young couple died while having sex in a car.

The man and woman, identified by the names Artem S and Anna D, were forced to have sex in a Skoda Felicia that was parked inside a lock-up garage in the city of Ufa in Russia's central Republic of Bashkortostan, because they didn't have anywhere else to be intimate.

They turned on the vehicle's ignition to keep warm but died during the act from carbon monoxide poisoning, according to the Daily Mail newspaper.

Their naked bodies were found when 18-year-old Artemis's family launched a missing person search after the couple told his family they were going out for a walk.

He was found lying in the arms of his girlfriend Anna, 20, who he had been dating for just a couple of months. Artem was due to graduate from catering college, but dreamed of opening his own car repair shop.

Bottle attacks woman

A woman has claimed a bottle of salad dressing caused PS2,000 worth of damage to her home.

Divel McLean said she was "attacked" by the Dorothy Lynch sauce when she opened the fridge to make some dinner at her home in Wyoming in the United States.

She told Fox 19: "I heard pop, pop, pop. I looked up, it was possessed. It was going crazy. It was shooting up in the air, to the side. It sounded like a firecracker going off in the house. Real loud." McLean took photographs which she says show the extent of the damage caused by the "possessed" bottle from which reports suggest the carpet, computer and walls at her home were spoilt. The dressing has since been recalled by the manufacturer as there was apparent bacteria in the product, which caused the liquid to bubble and spit out uncontrollably.

McLean added: "From just a $3 bottle of dressing. From the depths of my toes, to the top of my head. I will never eat Dorothy Lynch again. That stuff is crazy."

Man gets chopsticks in private parts

A man had chopsticks removed from his penis after trying to fix a medical problem himself.

Chen, as he is known, had to have the seven-inch eating tool surgically removed from his manhood because he was too coy to seek medical advice. So he opted to use the stainless steel sticks after finding blood in his urine and ended up getting them stuck in his urethra.

According to Asia Wire, medical staff were able to remove the chopsticks, however, doctors have said the man could have died if he had inserted them any further.

McDonalds offering Nutella-filled burger

The latest addition to the menu was announced via a Facebook advert on Sunday, which revealed the new sweet treat will be called 'Sweety con Nutella'.

The new burger - which will just include Nutella and no other fillings - may disappoint some chocolate fans, as it will only be available in Italy. McDonald's UK has not yet made any announcements that they will be introducing the chocolate treat, however if it's popular in Italy, it could come to the UK.