November 22, 2016

A giant earthworm has become a new hit in the record books after growing to the size of a small snake.

The insect weighs 26 grams and grew to a huge 40 centimetres, making it the largest earthworm in the UK.

The annelid was found by Paul Rees from Cheshire in his vegetable patch, and his stepson George decided to call the worm Dave.

Emma Sherlock - a scientist from the Natural History Museum who chairs the Earthworm Society of Britain - revealed she was surprised when she first met the large worm.

According to Sky News, she said: "I was bowled over by the size of this worm when I opened the plastic box they sent it in.

"Not only is it really long, it is almost twice as heavy as any other wild earthworm ever seen, weighing the same as a small chocolate bar."

With the size of the segmented worm being rare, Sherlock insisted the worm must have had a unique habitat.

She added: "With worms this size, Paul must have an incredibly fertile and well-drained vegetable plot with decaying matter quickly recycled back into the soil."

Nordic Winter Yulefest are launching the first alcoholic, indoor snowstorm pop-up event

The month-long festive extravaganza will involve winter-themed festivities, which includes nightly DJs, wild and wonderful entertainment, a woodland Wheel of Fortune and the chance to visit Tomte's Grotto, in the heart of Shoreditch, London.

Guests will have the chance to indulge in alcoholic Sandy Claws and Nutty Sours cocktails as well as Christmas flavour snow-infused with pear and cinnamon, which will fill the rooms with an alcohol-soaked snow blizzard.

Meredith O'Shaughnessy, a pop-up extraordinaire said: "This year, I wanted to create a White Christmas extravaganza, which is more captivating than anything anyone has seen before and will really spark people's imaginations."

As well as alcohol snow, guests will also have the chance to feast on a festive-themed menu, including barbecued reindeer and fermented blackberries, roasted and smoked duck, with apple and prune, pickled herring tempura and dill mayo, and smoked Norwegian beef tartare.

The event launches on November 28 and will run until December 18. Tickets are PS8 and are currently on sale at