Really weird


November 23, 2016

A council in America used toilet roll to block the cracks in a road.

A team of maintenance workers decided to lay biodegradable toilet paper over the tarmac on a number of neighbourhoods in Colorado, which were caused by mild temperatures, so the black sticky substance would not rub off on to people's shoes.

They did this instead of closing the area for 40 minutes, according to the

Speaking about the innovative method, a spokesman for the local government said: "The tar used for crack sealing is really sticky and doesn't dry quickly.

"Rather than close freshly sealed areas to keep the tar in place, placing toilet paper over the cracks meshes with the sealant, is cost-effective, and rain and traffic will help it dissipate in a few days," he added.

However, the innovative idea led people to think a prank was under way in their area and "surprised" a number of locals.

Speaking to local TV one resident, Holly Robbins, said: "I was kind of surprised it was done this way. I've never seen it done this way before."

A wedding guest received a bill for PS61 for not attending a wedding.

A mother of two, Jessica Baker, had arranged for her mother to look after her brood while she and her partner attended a friend's wedding, which was clearly stated on the invite it would be a child-free zone.

However, Jessica's mother cancelled and she had no choice but to cancel as well to look after her children.

Jessica soon received a whopping bill, which requested her to reimburse the newlyweds for the meal she and her plus one didn't eat.

Speaking to Netmums about the letter, Jessica said: "It listed, we would have had two herb-crusted walleye (fish) and there was also a service charge and tax.

"This cost reflects the amount paid by the bride and groom for meals that were RSVP'd for - reimbursement and explanation for no-show, card, call or text would be appreciated," she added.

A study has found people are 40 per cent more likely to remember your holiday by taking a selfie.

Researchers at the University of Texas teamed up with HomeAway to discover how many people believe the selfie-craze helps them to store fond memories of a trip.

Art Markman - professor of psychology at the University of Texas - shared: "Some people love planning holidays - other people dread them. This research suggests that there is a significant cognitive advantage for people who let themselves get excited prior to their trips."

Further data from the study revealed Instagram is the best social-media channel to store holiday memories, while 20 per cent of people are more likely to remember a vacation taken with friends and family.

A pug's life has been saved by a pair of socks.

The 14-year-old pug named Leia lacked confidence and struggled to walk as she got older, which led her owner Niki Geroni-Lajoie to buy her beloved pet pooch a pair of socks that drastically changed the furry animal's life.

According to The Dodo Online, she said: "She went from being fairly immobile and fearful to walk across the floor to trundling around with a lot of confidence."

Geroni-Lajoie decided to treat her furry friend to a range of socks for every occasion, and revealed Leia would cry if she wasn't wearing a pair of paw warmers.