weird news


November 28, 2016


A woman lived as a horse for seven years.

Kate Havord, 47, who currently lives in Chippenham in Wiltshire, England, believes she developed a "horse spirit" when she was six years old after living on a farm in Scotland.

She recalled that her horsey ways developed in to having 32 distinct horse personalities, which included her attempting to race and gallop the four-legged animal.

She told the Metro newspaper: 'It was like the spirit of the horse entered me. I felt so free and powerful and this euphoria was intensified by the fact that I won the race by a long shot.

"From that moment on, there was always more of a pull to get down on all fours and gallop that to walk along on two legs. I would pretend to be a horse at every opportunity."

The horse lover also recalled the time she tried to nibble on food and grass.

She said: "I remember going to my mum and dad's vegetable patch and nibbling on broccoli flowers, a fennel bush or even a bit of grass - although that was a bit of a struggle to eat."

Firefighters rescue man trapped in desk

A man had to be rescued after being stuck in a desk.

The Danish man called firefighters to his home in Horsens, Denmark after getting jammed.

Firefighters used a battering ram to enter his front door and free the man from the piece of furniture.

Dennis Ottosen, the incident commander told Danish website Ekstra Bladet: "Somehow, the tabletop had dropped down over his legs. He was sat in his chair with a leg laid over metal beam under the tabletop. It was quite impossible for him to get free and he was in great pain."

They initially tried to lift the tabletop to free the man but eventually had to use cutting equipment to saw through the desk's metal supports.

The man has since visited hospital to receive medical treatment.

Woman finds 'penis' in soup

A woman has found a piece of meat that looked like a penis.

Akousa from Ghana in Africa was going to seek a DNA test after she found odd-ooking meat shaped like a man's penis while she was midway through her Tuo zafi soup, which she purchased from a takeaway.

She said: "I had eaten all the other meat in the soup and was about finishing off with the biggest piece when I noticed the funny-looking meat which looked like a male genital organ."

The concerned woman showed her brother and sister the odd meat and advised her to get it checked out.

She told 3news: "My sister opted to show it to a lab technician friend later, who said because the meat was cooked, an ordinary lab test wouldn't be able to prove it to be animal or human.

"He (her brother) advised a forensic test be done on it but considering the bureaucratic processes these things go through, we gave up."

89-y-o man digs own grave

A man has dug a hole for his future grave.

An 89 year-old construction business owner, Jimmy Kickham, from Prince Edward Island, Canada, spent his summer digging with his own backhoe at a church nearby and revealed he was "proud" to possibly be the first person in Canada to make their own grave.

He shared: "I love digging. Just one of those things that gets into your system. It's just work. Money. No matter what they wanted dug, I could do it. I was kind of proud of what I was doing."

Jimmy said he dug the five-feet deep hole in front of his family, which took him approximately one hour and 45 minutes, and revealed it was something he had always wanted to do.

He told the Guardian newspaper: "I thought about a couple years ago - if I live to be 90, I'll dig my own grave."