Weird Wednesday


November 30, 2016

An alien investigator believes he has seen a live groundhog on Mars.

Scott C Waring - who is the editor of UFO Sightings Daily website - is convinced he caught a glimpse of the animal on all fours in a picture of the surface of Mars, which was taken from NASA's 4WD Curiosity Rover.

Scott posted the pictures online last Thursday with the caption: "I found a groundhog, some call them marmots, on Mars today.

"The animal is standing on all fours and it's looking to the right side of the photo. Its eyes, nose, hair and leg stance all match (sic)."

While it is believed that other investigators think the groundhog is an oddly-sized rock, Waring is adamant his sighting is correct.

He added: "This is proof that some small animals are alive and well on Mars today. Yes, I say it's alive.

"Its colour matches the area, just like a normal groundhog's colour blends in," he added.

A team of firefighters received an emergency call for a rhino with toothache.

The crew from Newcraighall in Scotland rushed to Edinburgh Zoo to help the vets move Bertus - an eight-year-old rhino who weighs two tonnes - and make him ready for his operation.

Willie Pollard, the station manager, told Sky News: "By jointly working with zoo staff, we were able to formulate a plan which involved winching and pulling equipment, using techniques normally used for either road traffic collisions involving heavy vehicles or in the event of a building collapse.

These techniques allowed them to reposition the animal, thereby creating a safe working space for the dental team to repair the tooth.

Simon Girling, head vet at the zoo, said: "Bertus' operation was a great success and even though it was a minor tooth operation, it involved a massive team of people all working together to ensure the operation went smoothly."

Bertus has made a speedy recovery since his ordeal and is now eating again.

A shelter dog has saved a cat stuck down a sewer.

Leopard - a six-year-old Shar Pei who is recovering from a cancerous tumour - has been dubbed a "hero" after he walked over to a sewer gate and laid down to gain the attention of his walker after he heard the kitty meow from down the drain.

The volunteer walker - who helps exercise the dogs in the rescue centre - soon realised that Leopard was trying to tell her something and raised the alarm.

Mindy Naticchioni - an administrator at the Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter in Ohio, US - told 'Inside Edition': "Had Leopard not alerted us that something was going on with the sewer, we may not have known the cat was even in there. Leopard is a hero."

The cat was rescued by the shelter volunteers and it was said to be healthy and unharmed. They have since homed the furry mammal after failing to find its owners.