Weird Friday


December 02, 2016

A survey has proved six million British people call in sick to watch their favourite TV series.

A study by Freesat - a subscription-free satellite TV service - has revealed British people would rather fake being ill to their boss to catch up on the next episode of their favourite show.

Over a quarter of the participants involved in the research have cancelled plans with their friends because they'd rather stay glued to their screens.

Jennifer Elworthy, a director of marketing and communications at Freesat, shared: "Our research shows that we are a nation of telly lovers and with brilliant subscription-free TV such as The Missing and Poldark gripping the nation, it's no surprise Brits are going to extremes to avoid missing their favourite series."

The average person spends 215 days of their average working life discussing the latest TV action with their co-workers.

The tallest cow in the world poops 150 pounds worth of droppings a day.

Danniel - who is believed to be the biggest bovine on the planet - towers over his fellow cattle at 6' 4'' and weighs an eye-watering 2,296 pounds.

So it's no wonder he happily chomps down on 100 pounds of hay and guzzles 100 gallons of water in just 24 hours.

But, despite his size, his owner Ken Farley is so proud of his "big puppy."

Farley, from Eureka, California, told the "We first noticed that he was abnormally big when he was about six months and he was being bottle-feed."

He said that after six months, Danniel would knock the bottle out of his hands and was just too big to handle.

However, although they love him very much, Ken and his partner Ann can no longer look after Danniel, due to his size, and have now found him a permanent home elsewhere.

A Pokemon card has sold for $54,970.

The card - called the Illustrator - was sold at an auction in Beverly Hills, California, for the hefty price tag after auctioneers recognised it as a special edition because it features Pokemon's much-loved mascot Pikachu with Japanese writing.

The card's presence at the auction set tongues wagging as it's believed only 30 copies of the card have ever been made and only 10 remain in good condition.

According to the Metro newspaper, Barry Sandoval - the director of operations for comics at Heritage Auctions - said: "The Pikachu Illustrator card was given in January of 1998 to winners of the CoroCoro Comic Illustration Contest.

A woman found a giant spider and hundreds of her babies nesting in her letterbox.

Natasha Joyce allowed a huntsman - which measures up to 15 centimetres across the legs - she called Hortense to take up camp in her mailbox at her home in Bendigo in Victoria, Australia, for weeks so it could nest and hatch its young as safely as possible.

Speaking to the Daily Mail Australia, Joyce said: "We checked on her every day since she moved in six weeks ago, and yesterday the eggs hatched."

She said there were at least 200 in there, and the letterbox is a real hit with the neighbourhood children.

"They love it. As soon as my four-year-old nephew comes here he says: 'I want to see the big spider lady'," she said.

Some children made Hortense a little nursery, complete with a nappy-changing table, cot and sofa.