Weird Saturday


December 03, 2016

Richard Conlin was heading back to his vehicle, which he had left in a car park in Florida, only to discover the eight-tentacle creature a few metres away from his vehicle.

Wanting to get advice on what to do, he posted a picture of the creature to his Facebook page, although some believed it was a prank.

However, the Miami Herald newspaper consulted a university biology professor, Kathleen Sullivan Sealey, who believes the octopus had been hiding in a drainage pipe to hide away from the rising seas.

She said: "When that much seawater comes in, the octopus is like 'What's this?' and goes to explore and ends up in a bad place."

Conlin has since reassured his social media followers that the sea animal is still alive and well.

He shared: "Security from the building filled a bucket with seawater, rescued it, and placed it back in the bay ... I spoke to them this morning and they said they believe it got away safely."

A new test has shown that multitasking at the wheel is a driver's worst habit.

The terrible traits of drivers in the UK have been revealed in the new research - commissioned by - and also found that people are happy to admit that they discriminate on the roads.

Men are less likely to be let out of a junction than women, and 17 per cent of people said that they would be most likely to let a mum with young children out at a junction and 15 per cent would do this for a pensioner.

What's more, there is solidarity with people who own the same cars.

The study highlighted that those in the East Midlands take the longest to pass their test, with six per cent taking five or more attempts, and less than half (44 per cent) managing it that first time.

Seven-year-old athlete Autumn Fought, from Texas, had to have her legs amputated after she suffered a stroke in the womb.

However, her disability hasn't stopped the girl from participating in various sporty activities.

According to her adoptive mother, Autumn can do front and back flips, walk on her hands, pull herself up on rings, and regularly practises trampoline tricks.

Boasting to Inside Edition about Autumn, she said: "She's really good.

"She's nothing but muscle. She's going up the slide right now, using her hands. She's unbelievably strong," she added.

A man embarked on a car chase to help the police wearing only his 'jocks'.

Daniel McConnell helped to arrest a driver who crashed a vehicle into a fish and chip shop in Australia.

Speaking to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation about the incident, he said: "I've come outside and I've seen all of this commotion over here and I was in me jocks," he said

He said he asked the driver "what are you doing, mate?" and started following him. He said the driver told him, "Don't be a hero."

McConnell revealed that he quickly returned home to pick up his car keys - not his clothes - to track down the offender and directed the Queensland state police to the driver, who was arrested.

The 35-year-old criminal is allegedly set to appear in court in January 2017 after being charged with driving without a licence.