Reveller upsets Paris Hilton


December 05, 2016
Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton fumed at revellers after one of them spilled their drink on her DJ decks. The 35-year-old star didn't look too pleased that her set at the WALL Lounge in the W Hotel South Beach, Miami, was delayed by 10 minutes after a enthusiastic partygoer managed to knock a drink onto the electrical equipment.

In a video posted by TMZ, the heiress can be heard saying: "Just reset it and we'll go back! Dude. No more vodka in the booth! You guys are up my s.... I need a shot, by the way, since someone spilled [mine]."

The comments come after the blonde beauty spoke about how much she has "learned" since becoming a DJ.

"I've learned so much more now. I've been DJing for six years. I produce my own music and I remix live. It's all me. Top name DJs that I really respect [were] like, 'Oh my god Paris Hilton DJing, she can't do that.' Well now those haters come to my nights and they get in the booth with me and are blown away."