Weird news


December 05, 2016

weird news

Man finds gold buried around house

A man has discovered 100 kilogrammes of gold in mansion.

An unnamed Frenchman inherited a stately home in Evreux, Normandy, when a member of his family passed, and struck gold - literally - when he came across piles of treasure planted all around the estate, which are estimated to be worth PS3 million, according to La Depeche.

The new homeowner found gold coins, as well as a box containing the precious metal, which were hidden under furniture and in a whisky box.

And certificates have been found stating the findings were purchased legally in the 1950s and 1960s from the deceased relative.

Dead fish seen under skating rink

Ice skaters were left livid after they saw 5,000 dead fish frozen under an ice rink.

Space World Amusement Park in Kitakyushu, western Japan received a flood of criticism on social media after it used the dead animals to give its Ice Aquarium attraction an authentic theme.

The rink, which opened on November 12, was forced to close last week Sunday after complaints were made about 25 different species of fish being frozen under the 250m rink.

Japanese broadcaster NHK captured the frozen fish on a blue floor to make it appear that they were swimming below the ice.

The general manager of Space World, Toshimi Takeda, said the fish in the ice had been intended "to give the feel of the ocean to the ice skating rink," and that the amusement park is "extremely remorseful to have invoked such unpleasant feelings".

Space World said the fish were purchased from a local market and were dead before the water was frozen.

The operator plans to hold a memorial service for the fish once they're taken out of the ice.

Ballerina takes ice bath every morning

A Russian ballerina has an ice bath every day after being sacked for being "too fat".

Anastasia Volochkova's daily routine now includes waking up and heading into her garden naked and sitting in a tub full of ice cold water, something she has done ever since lost her job for piling on the pounds.

In a video clip posted on her Instagram account, she says: "Good, sunny and frosty morning to you. I usually start a day with an ice cold bath.

"I can strongly recommend it, if you can handle it, of course. This brings real health, power and energy."

Choir coughs during show for cancer awareness

A choir based in Glasgow has included coughing in their performance to highlight the risks of lung cancer.

The group of singers called SoundSational took to the streets of the Scottish city to spread awareness by coughing in intervals in aid of Lung Cancer Awareness Month.

According to, choir member Tommy Chambers said: "We loved the thought of lending our lungs to raise awareness of this vital message.

"The beauty of singing is the unique way in which it engages people, and we hope to surprise and ultimately inform passing shoppers when we descend into our cacophony of coughs.

He continued: "The songs we've picked are well-known and all about empowering people to act. I hope those listening will take something away from our performance, especially all the partners, children and friends out there who may notice the persistent cough of someone close to them."